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Re-Engaging With Your Lost Creativity: Using Your Time To Begin Dreaming Again

Creativity Of A Younger You

You’ve unearthed a time capsule planted deeply into the soil more than fifty years ago. Hidden by a youngster with big dreams.

You lift the capsule toward the light. Then shake it once or twice.

Damaged by its harsh life underground, it cracks open, spilling its contents onto the ground before you.

Sifting through the objects, you begin to realize you’ve a vague relationship with these artifacts.

When the fog of memory fully lifts, you remember that the young stargazer who’d stuffed the capsule with big dreams – was you.

You sit back and breathe deeply. It’s a sublime moment of recollection. 

You might think: I was an active, expressive child, anxious to wrestle life to the ground. I remember the exquisite feelings of wonderment generated by these objects. I’m still fascinated by a world full of possibilities. 

But you might ask: Where have I hidden that Midas touch of curiosity? Under what rock lies my passion?  

If you’re still open to such an exploration, do this…

Dig Deeper

Sit back in your chair. Close your eyes.

Don’t overthink this, but on a scale from 1 – 10, rate your current creativity quotient. That is, the availability of your creativity at this moment.

Are you satisfied with the number?

Or frustrated by whatever is preventing you from connecting with your passions? 

The Truth About Creativity


Science tells us creativity is highest in youth, but also suggests we can remain creative throughout our lives.

We’re more fluent in the generation of original ideas during the uncomplicated days of childhood. Inside the environment of cocooned-learning lies endless possibility and few boundaries.

Then we age. We inherit responsibilities conferred upon us by family, work and finances. We bow to the pressures of time and the demands of adult life.

The doors to creativity seem to slam shut behind us.  

However, in the years past sixty and seventy, many of us are given back the gift of time.

A creativity renaissance becomes plausible.

As a bonus, we’re in possession of three attributes that can propel creativity toward its best use in our adult lives: experience, solid judgement and well-honed decision-making skills.

Many of us are unsure of what aspects of childhood creativity still resonate. Or how to start fresh with topics of interest that arise during our career years. 

Here’s a way to harness the possibilities.

Look First For Creativity in Small Areas of Life 

Venues for creative urges exist all around us.

They can be found lying dormant inside of childhood memories. Hiding in plain site within the walls of your home. Waiting to be explored within the community of your trusted family and valued friendships. In books. Movies. Travel.

Open yourself up to seeing creativity all around you. Then seize on the opportunity to bring it up close and personal by doing small things differently.

Go to a new restaurant. Discover a new cuisine. Rearrange the furniture in your living room. Take a friend to a museum. Reorganize your closet or your finances. Start a journal with a funny, self-deprecating story about yourself. Drive a few hours to a city with historical value.  

Get others involved in your research.

Siren-call creativity back into your life by talking with friends about their hobbies and passions. Urge them to talk about their process of engagement, rather than the hobby itself.    

Short on fresh ideas?

For an example of how to creatively flesh out an idea and fill your life with what matters, click here.  

Create Authentically

Creativity is how the world learns about us in our purest form. But here’s a critical element to watch out for in your search.

Though creativity might seem perfect, it’s not perfection we should seek through it. Perfection, in fact, can be creativity’s soul-killer.

Instead, seek authenticity.

Remain genuine. Build toward originality. Attach to the process rather than the results. Grow with it.

If your project is truly is attached to your authentic self it will reap soulful rewards that will seem unimaginable until you’re deep inside of it’s thrilling grip.

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Howard Fishman
Howard Fishman
Howard Fishman is a recent expat to Valencia, Spain. His website, focuses on expat exploits, friendship, the culture of aging, and the arts. Broad from a multiple category perspective, but all with the POV of what's meaningful to those of us over 50.
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