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Let’s All Get Up And Dance To A Song That Was A Hit Before Beyonce Was Born

It’s been 50 years since The Beatles first came to America, but even if you’re 64, their songs are probably as fresh in your mind as they were when you first heard them.

Don’t believe me? Just take this test.

Help! I need ____

l) a groupie

2) Instant Karma

3) somebody

All you need is ___

1) Yoko Ono

2) royalties

3) love

Picture yourself in a boat on a river with____

1) Desmond and Molly Jones

2) Mr. Kite

3) tangerine trees and marmalade skies

She’s a woman who ___

l) follows my tour bus

2) screams through my concerts

3) understands

Her majesty’s a pretty nice girl but ___

1) the monarchy should be abolished

2) she owns too many Corgis

3) she doesn’t have a lot to say.

If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be___

1) blue

2) a Jew

3) true

You know I’d give you everything I’ve got for a little piece of___

1) cake

2) honey pie

3) mind

Let’s all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before___

1) Beyonce was born

2) auto-tune

3) your mother was born

Everybody’s got something to hide except me and___

1) the Walrus

2) Rocky Raccoon

3) my monkey

I’ll get by with a little help from___

1) Bungalow Bill

2) LSD

3) my friends

Why don’t we do it in ____

1) a yellow submarine

2) an octopus’s garden

3) the road

Here comes the sun and I say ____

1) where’s the sunblock?

2) it’s uptight

3) it’s alright

Is there anybody going to listen to my story all about ___

1) Sexy Sadie, Eleanor Rigby and Polythene Pam

2) the Beatlemaniac under my bed

3) the girl who came to stay

The Magical Mystery Tour is coming to___

1) call it a day

2) teach you to pray

3) take you away

And in the end, the love you take is equal to ____

1) the enjoyment you get from taking nostalgic pop quizzes

2) the great memories you have of a lifetime of enjoying Beatles songs

3) the love you make.

(Scoring: The third answer is always the correct one. But you knew that already, right?)

Today’s music-lovers have a lot that we didn’t have back then. Digital downloads! Music videos! But they’ll never know the joy of hearing “If I Fell” on a transistor radio for the very first time.

Those were the days, my friend.

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Roz Warren
Roz Warren
Roz Warren writes for everyone from the Funny Times to the New York Times and has appeared on both the Today Show and Morning Edition. Roz is the author of Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection Of Library Humor and Just Another Day At Your Local Public Library, and the editor of the ground-breaking Womens’ Glib humor collections, including titles like When Cats Talk Back and Men Are From Detroit, Women Are From Paris. She also curates the "Library Laughs" page on Facebook. Her work has been included in 10 Chicken Soup for the Soul collections. Roz Warren writes for everyone from the Funny Times to the New York Times and has been featured on both Morning Edition and the Today Show. Visit for more details.
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