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Get Moving Now! 5 Great Exercises That Won’t Scare You Away

You may have heard the adage ‘health is wealth’. The saying applies to people of all ages and genders. There is no specific age bracket for exercising; it’s a lifestyle choice that is necessary for wellbeing.

Methods To Get Moving


Let’s face it–if you can walk, you have to everyday. But there’s walking, and then there’s walking. Doing things around the house or at work, going back and forth to your car, that’s necessary walking. But walking for health and exercise is different. You need to pick up the pace, lengthen your stride, breathe deep, and keep going. As we age, the value of sufficient exercise actually increases, and walking is the least traumatic and one of the most beneficial activities you can do. It keeps your legs, joints and heart in healthy shape too.

An ideal habit to adopt would be to exercise in the early morning. If you can, before eating breakfast, go for regular walks for 20 to 30 minutes. At an average speed, a person is likely to cover more than 2 kilometers in that duration.


Getting into the routine of cycling is a commitment with great benefits. For example, people who suffer from blood pressure concerns or have issues with their knee joints should turn to cycling for help. In fact, doctors may recommend cycling to such patients. Cycling also allows you to enjoy the outdoors. You should try to cycle with a buddy. If you are unable to find friends who are interested, then look for a cycling club. Every city has them and you can find cyclists at all levels.


If you know how to swim, then you are in luck. It is an all-purpose exercise that requires no heavy lifting or additional effort. All you need is access to a pool and you’re good to go! Even if you are well past the 50 yard line of your life, swimming allows you to shed weight, maintain good heart health, keep your joints moving and keep you mentally fresh as well.

Chair Yoga

Before you start laughing, bear with us! This is a very real, approachable way to get moving and it has actual benefits. When is the last time you comfortably did downward dog? Or warrior pose? That’s what we thought! If you’re not flexible or afraid of taking a tumble, a chair can be your best friend in the world of yoga.

Yoga can help you loosen and strengthen your muscles and even improve your body’s circulation. You can improve your balance which is a great tool in all corners of your daily life. Chair yoga is also easy to do when you’ve been sitting at a desk all day- take a 10, 15 or 30-minute break and get moving without stepping foot in a gym!


get moving

If you are inclined to skip this one too because there is no way you’d be caught dead dancing in your living room to break a sweat, wait! Dancing is great aerobic exercise and so easy to do at home. Put on your favorite music and get moving. You don’t have to do the tango or breakdance, just MOVE.

Increasing your heart rate and blood flow with movement that feels comfortable and safe is always a good thing. Plus, you may get so wrapped up in the music that you don’t even realize 30 minutes have passed. If you’re not opposed to going to a gym or class, then try out something like Zumba (chances are you aren’t the only one who is there for the first time.)

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