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I Can’t Hear You! Dealing With Hearing Loss As We Age

Hearing loss, medically termed as Presbycusis, is naturally caused by the aging process. Research shows that one in every 3 people between the ages of 65 and 74 experience hearing loss and it occurs in nearly 50% of the population over 74.

Despite the significant number of seniors experiencing hearing loss, about only 20% of them invest in a hearing aid and even then, half of them do not use it. The first hurdle is to come to terms with the fact that you need a hearing aid but once you start using it, you will realize that it makes your life so much easier.

Before you rush to buy a hearing aid, make sure that you really need one. Here is a list of early signs that may indicate the beginning of hearing loss.

  • You keep asking to turn up the volume on radio or television.
  • You are having trouble understanding what people are saying if you cannot see their faces.
  • You have to concentrate really hard to hear what the other person is saying on phone.
  • You frequently complain that people are mumbling.
  • People around you complain that you are speaking too loud.
  • You find it difficult to follow a conversation in a group.

If you notice these signs, it is time to visit a doctor to talk about your hearing loss. Your doctor will suggest a treatment based on your hearing loss. A variety of aids and devices are available that will help you deal with your hearing loss.

Common Remedies For Hearing Loss

If you are experiencing a severe case of hearing loss, your doctor may suggest a cochlear implant. A small device is surgically implanted in your inner ear to counter hearing loss. It may be suggested for one or both ears.

Hearing aids are electronic devices that are worn either in or behind the ear. They amplify sound and make it louder. It usually takes some time to get used to wearing a hearing aid and you may need to try out more than one of them to decide which one suit you best.

Types of Hearing Aids

hearing loss

IIC – Invisible in the Canal: It is a custom fitted aid that is inserted deeper into the ear than most other available option so it is completely invisible when worn.

ITC – In the Canal: ITC is a hearing aid that fits in the ear canal but its tip is visible in the outer ear. It can be used for mild to severe hearing loss.

ITE – In the Ear: ITE are mad to be worn in the outer ear. It is not as discreet as some of the other hearing aids but it is easier to use.

BTE – Behind the Ear: BTE rests behind the ear. A plastic tube directs the amplified sounds into an ear bud that is fitted inside the ear canal.

Hearing loss is a common phenomenon in seniors that can easily be handled through proper hearing aids. Discuss your hearing loss with your doctor and say goodbye to constantly asking people to repeat everything they say!

They may take a while to adjust to, so the sooner you get to the doctor and talk about a solution, the sooner you can get adjusted. It feels better to be included than it does to not know what’s going on, right? Plus, we guarantee you that you aren’t alone and lots of others around you have assisted hearing devices.

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