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Cool Hairstyles For Men Over 50

So what if you’re a father or even a grandfather? That doesn’t mean you have to forego maintaining your appearance! Men who are fortunate enough not to be the victims of a receding hairline should attempt different hairstyles until they find the one that complements their looks.

We will look at the best examples of hairstyles that are fit for men who are well into their fifties and beyond.

The Pompadour


Men who are blessed with a full head of healthy hair can maintain a number of hairstyles. One of the better suited ones for their age is called the pompadour.

It is an evergreen classic that involves combing and setting your hair on either side and then brushing the other side downwards. It gives men a mature and stylish appearance at the same time. To keep the pompadour, the sides must be trimmed slightly shorter than the hair at the top, which is then blended to either side. This forms a considerable length and gives the man a neat aesthetic.

The Short Crop


The short crop is ideal for men who are not interested in maintaining a specific style of hair. On the contrary, a crop cut is low maintenance and is a natural fit for men whose hair is thin at the front and center.

To achieve this hairstyle, the hair must be cut finger length on top and tapered shorter on both sides and the back as well. Once you get your hair cut, the styling can be done using products like gels that are readily available at all good stores and supermarkets.

The Wavy Shag

Going short is not the only option available for older men. Aged men who have wavy and curly hair should try the wavy shag look. Assuming they have the hair to pull it off, the wavy shag looks quite appealing.

In terms of the trimming, the hair is cut in long and loose layers. The styling is done using your fingers and a little bit of product. If done properly, the final look can be very smart-looking.

The Classic Taper

An excellent alternative for men of all ages and not just for men in their fifties, the classic taper is styled similarly to the pompadour but the main difference is that the former is shorter in length. This is another hairstyle that is always in vogue.

Both sides are tapered short and so is the back. The length at the top is slightly longer and when combed, blends into either side, depending on what the individual prefers. To change things up a bit, the hair can be worn parted on one side and loosely on the other, which gives a more casual look.

The Caesar Cut

Another vintage hairstyle that has stood the test of time, the Caesar cut has been made popular by many celebrities over the years and has inspired generations. It is a natural fit for older men.

The Caesar is short in length which means it does not require extensive styling or upkeep. It still gives the individual enough length to try different options if they want to use product.

So that’s 5 great different, timeless hairstyles for men of all ages. So whether you have a head full of hair, thinning hair, or prefer a short and easy style, there’s something that will work for you! Unless you have no hair… in which case we advise you check out this article 😉.

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