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Growing A Grey Beard Is A Great Style Statement

Philippe Dumas, a retired 60-year-old Parisian man, decided to grow his grey beard in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a model. He contacted a few agencies and the man became one of the recent most popular internet models with a glorious grey beard. It’s like his beard added the final touch to his look and turned him into a living and breathing brand.

For most men in their 60s, growing a beard is a nuisance because the grey facial hair just gives away their age in an instant.

Little do they know that it’s the very same grey facial hair that can add a degree of suaveness to their personal style statement and bring out a charm every man needs in this age.

So You’re Getting A Grey Beard?

As it turns out, grey is the color of maturity that makes a man look ravishing. It gives you the same maturity that some women desperately look for in men. So, now that you have flecks of grey in your facial hair, there are amazing beard styles you can try out. It will single you out in a crowd of men and will give you all the attention you need in your social circle.


grey beard

There’s almost no beard style that can beat neatly maintained stubble. Stubble is what you get if you don’t shave for a few days. The best thing about stubble is that it’s the easiest to cultivate and maintain. Moreover, it suits every type of face cut. Just let your facial hair grow naturally and trim it neatly with a 3-4 mm trimmer setting.

The Goatee

A goatee doesn’t require many efforts to maintain it and it’s always been considered very stylish. A goatee is a well-trimmed facial hair just above your lips and on the chin. If you have a slim and angular face, then a goatee just rounds up your look. A goatee looks attractive on men with short hair and as well as with slightly longer and unkempt hair.

The Full Beard

Yes, men in their 60s can very well manage a full beard. This is a style with facial hair thick and full above the lips and throughout the rest of your face. For most men, maintaining a full beard can be fairly low maintenance. You can clean it up around the edges, but even if you get a little lazy, you don’t have to make sure the trimming is perfect at all times. You’ll still look good!

If you simply let your stubble grow or do not trim it to a shorter length, then you can maintain a short beard, which is another great look for men to sport in their 60s.

For men in their 60s, it’s a great relief to know that grey is, in fact, not a liability. It’s an asset. Maintaining a grey beard means that you’re confident enough to show the world what you truly look like and this is something that separates you from other men who want to hide their actual looks by using hair dyeing products.

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