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It Is Not Too Late…Consider Becoming A Father In Your Grand 50s!

Are you too old to have kids at 50? If Alec Baldwin and Robert De Niro are doing it, so can you! You can consider becoming a father in your 50s if you want to.

When you compare the biological clocks of men and women, men more than women, are perfectly capable of fathering a child in their 50s. Turns out, male reproductive organs do not come with a stringent expiration date.

As a matter of fact, modern science suggests that there are a couple of benefits for men if they choose to father children in the later years of their life. This article will walk you through some of the best reasons why it’s okay for men to consider becoming fathers in their 50s.

Older Dads Make Smarter Kids!

Strange as it may seem, a study published in Translational Psychiatry provides evidence that kids born to older men are more likely to have a higher IQ and a greater ability to focus on their passions and interests. Such kids are not easily distracted by the social norms and have better chances to achieve educational and economic success.

Kids Might Live A Long life

A Harvard University research conducted in 2012 shows that there might be a link between older paternal age and the chromosomes of kids that make them live a longer life. The rationale behind this finding is that aged sperm might be able to produce offspring with longer telomeres that protect a child’s DNA.

Older Men Are More Emotionally Stable

By 50, most men have become more patient and emotionally strong. This is the age when hopefully they have matured and can deal with the emotional and physical challenges of child-rearing. That’s why many men in their 50s are more willing to invest in long-term relationships.

Older Men Are More Financially Stable

As a rule, men in their 50s tend to be more financially secure. Thus, 50-year-old fathers can provide a better lifestyle for their kids more easily than a 30-year-old father can. Of course, he needs to be willing to spend that money on everything from diapers and strollers to preschool and college!

Older Men Are Better Equipped To Solve Problems

Maybe. We all have 50-ish friends we wouldn’t trust with our goldfish, much less a child. Nevertheless, age can bring wisdom and experience, and this comes in handy when raising a child, especially as they get older. We’ve “been there, done that” many times over!

Now, all this should be taken with a chunk of salt. If a man doesn’t have kids by 50, it might be a deliberate choice, and that’s okay, but having a child just to have one isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, if finding the right woman didn’t happen until 50, and he wants a kid, go for it! It’s physically and emotionally exhausting, but one of the greatest adventures in life.

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