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Things I Just Don’t Understand: A Long List Of Baffling Everyday Things

The cliche says that people our age start to lose touch. We don’t know what’s going on in the world. We don’t know the trends, and we sure don’t know what’s in store for the future.

I Just Don’t Understand

Well, I guess I’ve gotten to that stage, because there sure are a lot of things I don’t understand

For example, I don’t understand why people refuse to wear masks. They don’t work, they say. Well, they don’t work perfectly, but they do help to prevent the spread of the virus. And really, donning a mask when you’re on a plane, a bus, or in the supermarket… it’s not that big a deal.

But then, I don’t understand why people line up to go to Starbucks to buy bitter, overpriced coffee.

And I don’t understand why people drive 75 mph, often 15 or 20 mph over the speed limit, risking their lives just to save a few minutes on a trip. Are we all in that much of a hurry?

And how it is that these same people are up in arms about global warming, yet as a group Americans are now buying more gas-guzzling SUVs than ever before?

Another thing I don’t understand… why are all the most popular movies these days cartoons?

Politics I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand why people say the U.S. is anti-immigration. There are 47 million foreign-born people living in America today. That’s almost ten times as many foreigners as there were during the great immigration of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today’s 47 million represent 17% of the U. S. population. When we were kids, in 1970, foreigners represented less than 5% of the U. S. population. So that’s a lot of immigrants for a country that’s supposed to be anti-immigrant.

Here’s one that really makes me wonder: Pro-choice liberals use the slogan: My Body My Choice. Conservative anti-vaccers use the slogan: My Body My Choice. How does that make any sense?

Republicans are supposed to care about law and order. Yet they want to do away with gun rules and take the law into their own hands. They flout safety regulations. They thumb their nose at the criminal justice system.

Meanwhile, Democrats want to give more money to the poor and raise taxes on the rich. Yet they also want to expand tax breaks that mostly favor the wealthy, like the state and local tax deduction (SALT) that according to the Fiscal Times would “provide a tax cut of $285 billion over five years with almost all the benefits going to the top ten percent of earners.”

A Few More Things I Don’t Understand

We’re also in an age of instant communication with smartphones, texting, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a myriad of ways to connect with people. Yet a study by the insurance company Cigna found that about half of Americans say they’re lonely. NPR says older adults are especially vulnerable since many live in isolation. Loneliness has led to greater drug use, and higher suicide rates especially among the elderly.

Finally, sports teams are renaming themselves to avoid offending Native Americans. But in Colorado a Native American group is suing to prevent the renaming of schools with Native American mascots. They oppose the use of caricatures that mock their heritage, but claim that erasing Native American names from the public square comes from “a paternalistic assumption that we must protect Native Americans by erasing references to them and their heritage.” I get why some names are negative. But what’s wrong with Braves or Warriors?

As you may know, the Washington football team abandoned its monikor of “Redskins”. Now, after more than a year of trying to settle on a new nickname, the team announced its big reveal on February 2. Drum roll please… The Washington Commanders.

The point of a name is to make the team seem scary and ferocious, with the idea that it will boost morale and intimidate opponents. So if they really want to scare people they should name the team the Washington Representatives, for there are plenty of scary people in Congress. Or how about the Washington Lobbyists? Or maybe even the Washington Anti-Vaccers?

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Tom Lashnits
Tom Lashnits
Tom Lashnits spent 40 years in New York book and magazine publishing before retiring to Bucks County, PA, in 2017. He now volunteers in the school system, produces the baby boomer blog Sightings Over Sixty . . . and is just starting to chase after grandchildren.
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