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A Die Hard Sports Vacationer: 4 Great Sports For Any Age!

*While we know the current climate isn’t ideal for a sports vacationer, as travel is limited, we wanted to share our favorites so you can plan for the future of your travel adventure dreams. Here is to the high hope of being able to get back on planes and trains and hit the road for adventure soon!

The sports industry may ask older athletes to retire from the game, but it doesn’t mean they kill the adventurous spirit in them. It burns in them until they die. The same is the case with sports enthusiasts. Maybe their life or abilities didn’t give them an opportunity to play the sport they love professionally, but passion is passion, so there’s no reason to give up.

Men of all ages will travel around the world to watch or participate in sports they love. As a matter of fact, often men in their 50s are more likely to participate in a sport because they have more time, money, and maybe because they hear the clock ticking! This article will help you discover new places where older “boys” can travel to and indulge in extreme sports when it’s time for them to go on their next sports vacation.

Water Rafting on Zambezi River

sports vacationer

Get ready to begin a rafting journey right beneath the deafeningly loud Victoria Falls on this African river that is like no other river in the world. This is a high energy sport that is sure to keep any sports vacationer at the edge of their seat! The powerful and crashing river pounds you as you careen past breathtaking scenery and the occasional lazy hippo.

Mountain Biking in Nepal

A fit man in his 50s or 60s who has a passion for biking will surely go for an amazing downhill ride in the Nepalese foothills. You will need to be in reasonable shape and be more than just a casual bike rider, but if you have that, then you’re all set to have the time of your life. All the climbs to the mountaintop are made by cable cars, vans, or planes.

So the good thing is you don’t have to carry extra gear. All you have to do is take a flight to Jomsom, located right on the top of the Annapurna Circuit. There you can bike for three days and descend the Kali Gandaki Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world. It’s a sports vacationer’s dream, and talk about a rush!

Piranha Fishing in Brazilian Pantanal

For extreme lovers of fishing, this can be the expedition of a lifetime, trying to catch one of the deadliest fish in the world. And not just that, but also eating it afterwards. You’d be amazed to see how many people come from the distant corners of the world to do this. The only word of caution for you is to keep your fingers clear while reeling in this badass fish. How does it taste? Apparently fishy, really fishy!

Golfing in the United States

Extreme sport, you ask? It is if you suck at it! That’s the nice thing about golf: you can participate even if you’re bad! And golf courses don’t care as long as you leave a little grass on the tee box and fairways! And some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is found on golf courses. Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, California is surrounded by more than 400 wineries in the nearby area.

Sea Pines Resort in Hilton Head, South Carolina is situated on an island and surrounded by clear blue ocean. Kapalua in Hawaii is both challenging and mesmerizing, so you don’t feel bad if it kicks your ass! The golf course that has one of the most challenging finishing holes, Omni Tucson National Resort in Tucson, Arizona, is great if you want to end the day on a down note! Just kidding.

The bottom line: Getting old doesn’t mean you stop playing. When you stop playing, that’s when you get old! So wake up the sports vacationer in you and go for it!

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