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The Tokyo Olympics: 10 Standout Moments From Last Week You Can’t Miss

*update as of 12pm Thursday 8/5, PDT

Nearly Two Weeks Into The Tokyo Olympics

As the 2020 Olympics come to a close this weekend, it’s been more than clear to any watching that these Summer Tokyo Olympics were unlike any other Olympic Games the world has seen before. The stands were nearly empty at all events, athletes families had to watch remotely and athletes donned masks when not competing and underwent daily COVID-19 testing.

A Quick Medal Count

tokyo olympics

The US still leads in overall medal counts with 74. China trails behind with 74 and Russia is next in line with 58.

For gold medal count we have China in first with 34, US in second with 29 and Japan in third with 22.

Standout Moments From The Past Week At The Tokyo Olympics

It has been a week of ups and downs for most countries, but watching these athletes has still been nothing short of amazing and inspiring. It seems you can’t turn on the news or open a paper without seeing some headline about The Tokyo Olympics. Most of us in the US wake up to new outcomes and results each day, as the competing happens overnight for us.

With such around the clock competing it would be easy to create a list of 100+ notable wins, losses or moments. Instead, below are 10 moments that created the most buzz or were “firsts” of their kind.

US Women’s Gymnastics

If you haven’t heard about Simone and her withdraw from the competition, you haven’t been paying attention… at all.

After choosing to withdraw from certain parts of the competition for mental health reasons, and a case of the twisties, she came back to compete on the balance beam on Tuesday and won bronze. Simone has come out publicly saying that this bronze medal means more to her than any of her gold medals because she knows what she had to overcome to make it to the beam on August 3rd. Despite the controversy and varying opinions of her initial withdraw, all I have to say is YOU GO GIRL!

After Simone Biles withdrew from the floor routine, alternate Jade Carey stepped in to compete and won her first Olympic gold medal. Carey never expected to compete in this routine or to leave with this medal. She recounts Simone Biles telling her, “go out and kill floor.” And she did just that.

The US women’s gymnastics team has been headlining the news all week, and it was nearly impossible to miss Suni Lee winning the second and final gold medal for the Women’s US Gymnastics Team . These women are the role models we all need.

Katie Ledecky

Winning her 5th and 6th gold medals, Katie Ledecky dominated the 800 and 1500m freestyle swimming competitions. The girl must have fins because she is unbelievable!

Caleb Dressel

This is a guy who doesn’t only always seem to receive a medal, but he only receives GOLD. 6 to be clear. Dressel is taking home 5 more gold medals for the US in men’s swimming at the Tokyo Olympics. These medals include the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 100m butterly, the 4 x 100 freestyle relay and lastly the 4 x 100 medley relay.

Keegan Palmer

In case you missed it, skateboarding is officially a part of the summer Olympics! In the skatepark event, which is exactly what you’re picturing, competitors show off their skills on half pipes and jumps in a concrete skatepark. Australia’s Keegan Palmer dominated this event and took home a gold, with final scores of 94.04 and 95.83 for his runs. Not bad for an 18 year old who probably never thought he would be skateboarding at the OLYMPICS!

Hidilyn Diaz

The Philippines sent their first Olympic athletes to the 1924 games in Paris. Nearly 100 years later, Diaz secured the country’s first ever gold medal and it was in the women’s weightlifting 55-kilogram category.

Elaine Thompson-Herah

Jamaican track star, Elaine Thompson-Herah won the 100m and 200m sprints in the 2016 Rio Olympics, only to come back to the 2020 games and take home the same two medals. That’s what we call a double-double! In her 100m sprint, she also set a new Olympic record. They don’t call her the sprint queen for nothing!

Lamont Marcell Jacobs

When you think of a fast runner, does Usain Bolt come to mind? Well, he’s officially been replaced by Lamont Marcell Jacobs. Raised in Texas, with Italian roots, he competed for Italy and brought home their first gold in the event. Jacobs beat Usain’s time for the 100m race, finishing in 9.8 seconds. Scoot over, Usain, we have a new fastest man alive.

Nathanial Coleman

In the first ever Olympic rock climbing event, American Nathaniel Coleman takes home silver. Gold went to Spaniard Alberto Ginés López, and we couldn’t be happier to see this new sport addition to the Summer Olympics.

Carissa Moore

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics were the first games to include a surfing competition. Native Hawaiian and American, Carissa Moore and Brazilian Italo Ferreira both took home gold medals. Hang loose, y’all, surfing is here to stay for the Summer Olympics.

Ryan Crouser

Imagine stepping out for your first throw of the Olympics and not only winning gold, but breaking the shot-put Olympic record. That’s what American Ryan Crouser did. And if you watch the video below, he makes it look easy. He won in Rio and came back to Tokyo to do it again. What a badass.

There you have it, folks! Stay tuned for the final couple days of the Tokyo Olympics. Blink and you may miss something!

This year may have been different than the rest, but there is nothing more impressive than watching these athletes who are the best at what they do. Proud to see every win/team take home the medals they deserve!

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