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Planning a Fun Getaway To Atlanta: Music, Arts, And Great Food

So You Want To Go To Atlanta?

Not being able to travel was one of the worst parts of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Being unable to travel the world was unfortunate for so many individuals though, not just me. For so many of us, it’s one of the few ways to find ultimate peace and leave our worries away. Or maybe get out of the snow and cold. Due to the virus and lockdowns worldwide, most countries closed their borders, and traveling was something of the past for several months. 

Finally, many countries are slowly but surely easing restrictions, especially when it comes to travel. Many people have joined the party and are planning their next trip.

I can’t be thinking of traveling the world yet, but with my vaccine halfway done I am hoping for the US border to open and for a few small trips to happen. Our second to last bowl trip was to Atlanta if you recall, but the weather was cold. Thinking now might be the time to start planning a great escape to Atlanta, to once again experience the culturally rich city.

Our Trip to Atlanta:

Oh My Lanta!… or actually Hello Atlanta! Please excuse the Full House reference but I just could not resist. It’s been two years since we returned from Atlanta and I realized holy moly I have not shared all the glory that is this beautiful city. It is high on my list of “let’s go back in warmer weather and experience the city.”

We explored Skyview, the World of Coca Cola , Hall of Fame and of course the Mercedes Benz Stadium but there is so much more to see and do.

#1 Top Restaurants 

Today I thought instead of the sites we explored I would provide some helpful recommendations. Let’s see… where shall we begin? Food, maybe? So many great restaurants in Atlanta to try!

  • Flip Burger Boutique: A fantastic location to kick off with! They specialize in American cuisine and offer a bar and pub for those late-night shenanigans. They serve lunch and dinner and rated 4.5/5 out of more than 400 reviews. 
  • Atlanta Breakfast Club: A great location for starting up your day with an American-style breakfast at one of the most affordable locations around. Atlanta Breakfast Club offers a great tasting menu, and they offer vegan options too. They mainly serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch and are rated more than four stars out of 689 reviews. 
  • Aviva By Kameel: Another fantastic location that is rated #1 of more than 2300 restaurants available. This location offers Mediterranean cuisine and specializes in serving lunch. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options and are rated five stars out of more than 780 reviews. Customers seem to love their cuisine and atmosphere. 

#2 Top Hotels In Atlanta

Next up, where to stay? Depending on what you want to do and what plans you have I have discovered a few gems I wanted to share. 

  • Country Inn and Suites by Radisson: Take a look at the modern contemporary Suites by Radisson. It offers ultimate luxury combined with total comfort. The property offers an indoor swimming pool as well as 24/7 assistance at the front desk. It’s also one of the properties that provides private hot tub suites in Atlanta
  • Hilton Garden Inn: Another luxurious option that offers room service so you can enjoy breakfast in bed. The property offers both indoor and outdoor swimming facilities, free wi-fi, and a fitness center. Both Sweetwater Creek State and Six Flags Over Georgia are only a few minutes away. 
  • Hilton Atlanta Perimeter Suites: This fantastic property offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the in-house restaurant. It also offers a seasonal outdoor pool and a fitness center for ultimate comfort. A variety of restaurants and attractions are only minutes away from this modern holiday property. 

Planning a Trip To Atlanta?

Atlanta also offers various bars where you can spend your evening reflecting over how great of a location Atlanta is. The area is full of culture and breathtaking cuisine; make sure you take advantage of everything Atlanta has to offer by doing your research thoroughly. 

We lucked out and discovered a band we wanted to see was playing at the Tabernacle the same time we where there. My big tip: schedule your vacation and then start searching what events are happening in that area around the same time. You never know what gems might pop up. We went for football, but also experienced music, culture and arts all at the same time. 

Irrespective of where you eat and sleep or where you spend most of your time, it’s crucial to remember the ultimate goal of a romantic getaway: enjoy every second of quality personal time and capture every moment with a digital camera. You can be sure that it’ll be worth it. 

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Linda Cassidy
Linda Cassidy
Linda Cassidy, Owner and Chief Writer over at A Labour of Life hails from Ottawa, Canada. A Labour of Life is her view of the world from a Boomer’s perspective. Celebrating a time of life where one can celebrate all that life has to offer. Life begins at 50, a time where travel, food, wine and fashion merge together guilt free.
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