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Author: Kate Lueras

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I never had an interest in cycling. My entire life was spent running until my chronic Achilles tendonitis nearly prevented me from doing any kind of sport. A few years ago, I started dabbling in classes at one of the high-energy, disco-like s…

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You may be quite familiar with the symptoms of Manopause you’re experiencing, but what about menopause?  It may seem like your wife or girlfriend has just completely flipped her lid. Menopause is the stage of life for women whe…

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Chances are if you grew up in a coastal community with any kind of waves in the ocean, you were surrounded by the surf culture. Surfers not only commit to the sport, but they engage in their own way of life. This “club” or camaraderie that surfer…

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Dreams of marriage in my 30s eluded me. The chance to have a family, children and all the things I thought I wanted just never happened. Little did I know, I ended up with a much sweeter deal by finding my partner later in life. I married my husban…

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