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Author: Pamela Sosnowski

BY David Meeks
Meeks' Week

You can’t escape your redneck past, and I’ve given up trying. I can only hope to contain it. With a tomato plant. And that’s what precisely what I’m doing. Now…

BY Linda Cassidy
Food & Drink

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day or at least that is what I heard growing. Truth be told it may or may not be the most important meal, but it sure is…

BY Todd Mezrah

When most people think about compensation, few think about severance as a form of compensation they will receive. It is important to plan for all contingen…

BY Laurie Stone

My parents just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. I wondered what it’s like going through life with the same person for so long. The other d…

BY Robert Waite

Are Boston Fans Spoiled? Let’s be honest. We New England sports fans have been spoiled. As the baseball season begins and the Red Sox launch their quest for t…

BY Robert Waite

It has been decades since I have been in Kyiv and L’viv — indeed, it was so long ago that the cities were called Kiev and Lvov. These were the days of the Soviet Un…

BY Billie Best

My Dog Is Always Happy I’m taking happy lessons from my dog, Pete. He doesn’t look that smart when he’s hopping through the grass after a frisbee but sit him do…