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Rollovers For Business Start-ups (ROBS) Resources abound for individuals looking to start a new business for a second-act career, from multiple loans options to crowdfunding, etc. But the Rollovers for Business Start-ups (ROBS) strategy stands…
One of my top recommendations is to focus on developing a compelling 30-second elevator pitch that will clearly and confidently represent the holistic value package you offer. Are you now — or about to be…
We Are Not All In The Same Boat First, this article sadly doesn’t apply to everyone. There are many people in this country, in this world, who cannot conceive of being rich and that truly…
The Boomer Brands You Should Remember Men and women sought to look good in the 50s. Men wore suits to work. Housewives wanted to be attractive when their husbands came home, so they got “dolled…

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