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10 Great Benefits of Stretching

Question: What is a very important exercise activity which most of us neglect? Answer: Stretching our muscles. I was one of those people. Until last year. After fracturing ten bones when being hit by a car, I finally came to the realization of the immense benefits of stretching. I could not now miss my early morning […]

7 Do’s & Don’ts To Help Your Mental Health

improve mental health 50

May is Mental Health Month and Manopause wants to help raise awareness of this important issue. We Boomers have a weird relationship with our mental health. We work hard for achieving happiness and stability but by the time we get to a stage where that is possible, we are weighed down with a certain amount of stress. Some of us even fall into depression. Adding to the problem is our generation’s s

Dental Care After 50: Why Is It So Expensive?!

We only get one set of adult teeth… so we better take care of them, right? As we age, our dental care needs increase, and so do the associated costs. The reasons for this are varied, but there are some factors that contribute to the high cost of dental care after 50.

Look Good Feel Great: 9 Awesome Tips To Get Back On Track

If you’ve seen your looks and self-confidence slide over the past 12 months, you are not alone. It is a situation that millions of people have found themselves in as a result of the pandemic. Personally my style has changed so much that I often do not recognize who this person is.  I never slid into sweat suits and yoga pants but good golly my work style is not norm. Take heart, you are not alone

4 Great Reasons To Wear Braces As An Adult

A lot of people instantly assume that only children wear braces to correct their teeth alignment. However, there are actually a number of reasons why adults should also be wearing braces. In order to combat this stigma against wearing braces, I’ve put together a couple of reasons why you might want to consider it. Smile and the world smiles with you. Is there anything more infectious? You all know

You Need MANSCAPED® Beard Products! Here’s Why:

BREAKING NEWS – MANSCAPED® now sells beard products! That’s right. They are once again revolutionizing Men’s grooming with the brand new Beard Hedger™ Pro Kit. From a beard trim to a fresh shave, the technology behind the Beard Hedger Pro Kit allows you to shape your signature beard look.

5 Health Tips Men Over 50 Shouldn’t Ignore

As men reach the age of 50, their bodies undergo significant changes that can affect their health and quality of life. From a decline in testosterone levels to an increased risk of certain health conditions, it’s important for men to pay attention to their health as they age. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most important aspects of men’s health over 50.

7 Health Benefits Of Yoga For People Over 50

I like to look at search results that show how people came to my blog. Usually, I see search inquiries about Vision Boards and even creativity and writing but recently I’ve been seeing searches for senior yoga and health benefits of yoga for seniors. I used to teach yoga to seniors and previously wrote a post about Senior Yoga. But that post is more about how much I enjoyed teaching the classes an