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How To Celebrate Your Wife’s Birthday – The Right Way!

gift for wife celebration

So your wife’s birthday is right around the corner and you can’t think of the perfect present. There’s a lot of pressure here. You don’t want to screw this one up. Between all the occasions you’ve forgotten and all the poorly chosen gifts you’ve given, you’re lucky you still have a wife. You could ask her what she wants, but she probably wishes you knew. And if she tells you she doesn’t want anyth

Losing Aunt Gloria

I come from a first-generation Italian family that included my Aunt Gloria. My father worked three jobs when I was a young kid. I hardly saw him while I was growing up. My dad only had an 8 th grade education, but he and my mother were determined—there was never a question or doubt—that my sister and I would go to college. And so we did. Our parents worked hard and sacrificed much to make that hap

The Most Awesome Father’s Day Gifts For The Coolest Dads Out There

What’s more perfect of a “dad gift” than something useful?! This Father’s Day, we are bringing you the ultimate gifts your dad will love. From pants with POCKETS, to a sleek and practical wallet, these are all products we’ve tried and used. Time to take care of the guy who deserves it most!

13 Luxury Must-Haves To Make Being A Grandparent More Convenient

Listen, we understand this “isn’t your first rodeo,” and that you’ve “been there, done that,” when it comes to taking care of babies and raising kids. But it is time to admit that things have changed since you took on the responsibility of caring for a baby. Luckily for me, my parents have been very open-minded when it comes to ditching old school methods of nursing, changing, and playing with a b

Memories Of Mom: A Mother’s Day Collection From The Manopause Team

Mother’s Day means lots of different things for different people, and at we know that a mother can be a multitude of things. This year, we reached out to our team and a handful of our writers to tell us a story about their own mothers or what “mom” means to them. Below, you will see a broad scope of men and women of different ages and upbringings, who share their own handful of words

Were The “Good Old Days” Really Better? A Look At The World We Live In

Have you ever heard the hymn, “Give me that old time religion?” If you haven’t, the song regales us with the idea that religion gets better with age. Actually, the memory of religion, as with most things, improves as it fades out of history. For those who don’t know the song, the chorus goes like this: “Give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion, give me that old time religion.

Growing A Grey Beard Is A Great Style Statement

growing a beard style

Philippe Dumas, a retired 60-year-old Parisian man, decided to grow his grey beard in order to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a model. He contacted a few agencies and the man became one of the recent most popular internet models with a glorious grey beard. It’s like his beard added the final touch to his look and turned him into a living and breathing brand. For most men in their 60s, growi

Dressing To Impress After You Are 50

style advice man

I don’t know if you’ve ever believed in ‘first impressions’, but I personally think the saying is a little overrated. First impressions are the last, maybe for some people, but not for me. But the one thing I must admit is that first impressions really count when you age. First impressions are a big deal when you enter your 50s because 50 is all about having a suave personality and how you present