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Sex Beyond Midlife: Why Don’t We Talk About Emotional Intimacy And Aging?

Can we talk about sex beyond midlife? I remember as a kid when I first learned about human anatomy and “where babies come from” my reaction was ick! Gross! That can’t be true! Then puberty, my mom explained the burden of being a girl, and I was disgusted. Then in high school sex education class just as our hormones were surging, we got the scoop on our biology, but two things were missing from the

Sexy Lingerie: Why Men Love It and Women Tolerate It!

Sexy black lingerie on beautiful woman

The word lingerie conjures up nights of pleasure and libidinous playtime. Lingerie is sexy, it’s hot, and it’s powerful enough to divert quarts of blood to men’s nether regions and turn flesh into blue twisted steel without a touch. Whose idea was it, this sexy lingerie thing? You ask most men, and they’ll say women. You ask most women, and they’ll say men! It’s not that women don’t like sexy ling

Embracing Spontaneity Is Important In A 50+ Mindset

While so much media seems to portray aging as a dreadful journey of slowing down, it’s not true and doesn’t have to feel this way. Embracing spontaneity in all areas of your life can be a great way to keep things exciting — inside AND outside the bedroom. While there may be certain physical or mental hurdles you didn’t face in your 30s, experiencing life in your later years can come with a whole n

What Happens To Sexual Intimacy In A Marriage As We Age?

As couples age, many changes occur, including changes in sexual intimacy. While it is a natural part of the aging process, many people are not prepared for the changes that come with sex in marriage after 50. However, it’s important to remember that intimacy can still be a vital and satisfying part of a long-term relationship.

3 Ways We Sabotage Relationships (And 3 Ways To Kick The Habit)

Popular culture has plenty of examples of people sabotaging their romantic relationships. In the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, Kat says she has no interest in romantic engagements. Then Patrick asks about her dating style: You disappoint them from the start and then you’re covered, right? But as the plot develops, we learn this is Kat’s way of protecting herself, to cope with the trauma of a p

Need To Keep The Romance Alive After 50? Here Are 10 Date Night Ideas

As couples get older, date nights become even more important to keep the romance alive and maintain the connection with their significant other. It’s easy to fall into a routine and forget to spend quality time together, so planning regular date nights can be a great way to break out of the monotony and enjoy each other’s company. Here are ten date night ideas for couples over 50:

Sex Positions 101: A Perfect Starter Kit For Seniors

Chances are, that you’ve already tried one or more of these sex positions, as the more traditional positions tend to have the man in the dominant position. While everyone may like to be on top to feel like they are in control of the situation, there are times when a man or a woman prefers to have pleasure given to them rather than having to work for it. No matter how thorough, an article like this

Dating Apps 101: Important Suggestions For Men On What Women Want

I’m not sure how men think about looking for women on dating apps but I do know what women are thinking. Or, at least, most women.  Okay, women that I speak to and, FYI that’s a lot of women. The women that I know think of it as a means to an end. Unless they’re in their 20’s most women are not looking for a hook-up or another “friend”.  We’re looking for a relationship and preferably a long-term

A 4-step Maintenance Plan To Help Keep Your Relationship Going Strong

Early on, relationships are easy. Everything is new and exciting. You go on dates, take trips, spend time together and intentionally cultivate experiences that allow your relationship to grow. Then, somewhere along the way, life happens. One study on married couples in their 30s and 40s found that their marital quality declined over the course of a year, in terms of love, passion, satisfaction, in

4 Myths About Sex After 50

happy couple in bed positive sex life

There are plenty of misconceptions going around about what sex is like after 50. There have always been stereotypes in the media that sex has an “expiration date” and older people always lose interest in sex. We’re here to refute those inaccurate cliches and to get you back in the game! When we were young, the very notion of older people physically intermingling was just – as we used to put it – g