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Corona Virus Update: Do’s And Don’ts For Manopausers And Menopausers

The world is in the grip of a new pandemic that we still don’t fully understand. Although similar to other corona viruses like SARS and MERS, this particular variant has never been seen in humans. 

The Internet is abuzz with false information, bogus treatments, hysterical conspiracy theories, and outright lies. What we DO know is that the older demographic is at higher risk, not for contracting the virus, but for increased morbidity and mortality. That’s us: Manopausers and Menopausers!

So here are some simple Do’s and Don’ts during this nerve-racking time: 

DO: Go to, the U.S. Center for Disease Control, The World Health Organization, or The Johns Hopkins Corona virus Research Center for the latest reliable and accurate information on the disease and what you should do.

DON’T: Believe a lot of what you see on the Internet or in chat rooms. It’s at best misleading, and at worst dangerous.

DO: Follow basic, common-sense sanitary measures such as hand-washing, avoiding touching your eyes and face, coughing into your arm, and respecting the 6-foot distance rule.

DON’T: Mud wrestle or have Wesson oil parties.

DO: Have adequate food and medications for 1-2 weeks.

DON’T: Hoard food! This might be a good time to start a diet and lose that basketball in your belly or that 3rd chin!

DO: Be mindful of other’s needs as well. And reconsider whether you really need 89 rolls of toilet paper!

DON’T: Overwhelm the health care system. If you feel well, or have minor symptoms, stay home, have a coffee or tea, and let the docs and nurses take care of the people who need help.

DO: Report any symptoms like fever, dry cough, and shortness of breath to your physician, especially if you have any medical conditions like high blood pressure, emphysema, diabetes, or immune deficiency. Your doctor will tell you the next steps for evaluation and treatment.

DO: Use this “down” time to relax, exercise, read some good books, play some games, walk in a park! And, go to, where you’ll find great articles, videos, and podcasts to take your mind off the news. And tell your friends!

And finally, DON’T PANIC. With the proper precautions and preventions, and of course SCIENCE, this too shall pass!

Be safe, and Live Life, Live Young!

About The Author

Larry Pollack

Larry Pollack

Larry Pollack is a board certified plastic surgeon for 30 years and a writer for even longer. He has written a pilot script for a TV show called “Manopause” as well as a spec script for a horror film called “Spore.” He attended UCLA and majored in Political Science. He trained in Plastic Surgery at the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque.
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