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A few weeks ago, I was wearing protective gloves for cleaning.
This week I’m wearing them just to touch a door knob.

A few weeks ago, I didn’t know what N95 masks were.
This week I know I need one and can’t get one.

A few weeks ago, if someone sneezed, I said, “Bless You.”
This week if someone sneezed, I got very suspicious.

A few weeks ago, I was planning on being very busy at work.
This week I’m wondering if there will ever be any more work.

A few weeks ago, I wasn’t thinking about the SBA, FEMA or EDD.
This week I know all their 800 numbers and what forms I need.

A few weeks ago, I was hugging my grandsons and playing with them.
This week I stood on their drive way and watched them from a distance.

A few weeks ago, my house was calm and we laughed with each other.
This week the house is tense and we snap at each other.

A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with friends at a favorite restaurant.
This week I’m at home and video chatting dinner with friends. 

A few weeks ago, I ran into the store to pick up a few things.
This week I stood in line 6 feet apart hoping what I need is in stock.

A few weeks ago, I wasn’t really thinking about my mortgage.
This week I called the bank with a lot of questions.

A few weeks ago, there were a lot of things I wasn’t thinking about.
This week I’m thinking about everything.

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Richard Sterman
Richard Sterman
I was born in The Bronx, grew up in Miami, lived in Los Angeles and currently reside in Agoura Hills, CA with my wife of over 37 years. I never went to college but graduated from the “School of Hard Knocks” Valedictorian. Most of my professional career has been as a General Contractor. I call ’em as I see ’em, which sometimes gets me in trouble but at least you’ll always know where I stand. I’m at that stage in life where I’m past the 50 yard line but the end zone is still far enough away to keep it interesting.
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