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BY Reeves Motal

Curse Words Are For Sailors Back in the days when I was wearing Navy blue, I learned the true meaning of “salty” language. That’s where the “salty” came from…

BY Bill Holslag

Losing a good enemy is a lot like losing a good friend. We may not call them enemies, but we all have them – real and supposed. The Faces Of Grief Wh…

BY Eugene Slaven

If you’re a human being, you no doubt dread the tedium of maintaining a pointless conversation with another human being — colloquially known as smal…

BY Jack Edwards

Muscle memory is an amazing phenomenon. However, they say that by the time a man reaches middle age, while he still has the memory, he no longer has the…

BY David Meeks

As we approach Pandemic Year 2, it seems clear travel is not getting back to normal anytime soon, and we’re not going to be able to hold it. We all want to go some…

BY Eugene Slaven

Beginning in the spring of 2017 until fall 2019, I drove part-time for Uber. Although the experience didn’t yield any unbelievable stories, drivin…

BY Tom Lashnits

I don’t mean to offend anyone with the following joke. It’s meant as nothing but comic relief. And just so you know, I don’t have anythin…

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