The 10 Best Father’s Day Gifts 2020

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Tough year, no doubt about it. But Father’s Day can still be special! It’s the one day of the year that Dads get recognition, albeit not always flattering. We’ve all seen the Father’s Day cards that read “Thanks for not pulling out, Dad” (so sentimental) or “Dad, may your Father’s Day be better than your jokes.” Hey, we think our jokes are funny!!

Nevertheless, it’s Dad’s day, and so you need to get him something awesome, something he actually wants. has scoured the internet to make your search less stressful, and we’ve found some doozies. We guarantee (no we don’t) that he will love any one of these choices, and be even happier if you get him more than one! We did the work, you get the glory!

Manscaped Perfect Package 3.0

Is he getting bushy everywhere? Doesn’t matter whether it’s neglect or aging, the Manscaped grooming system will take care of business. The Lawnmower shaver has ceramic blades that don’t turn the junk into lunch meat, leaving him smooth and trimmed. And it comes with the Ball Toner and Deodorant–hallelujah! No Great Balls of Fire with Manscaped!

And you can use it almost anywhere–down there, moobs, underarms–you name it, it trims it! Hey, this is a gift the whole family will appreciate! Use code MANOPAUSE20 to save 20% off and get free shipping!

Metal Art By Marc Serota: Jimmie Johnson NASCAR #48

Metal Art is the coolest new thing! It enhances the colors of any photo, is lightweight, and easy to hang. We’re offering a beautiful photo on metal of Jimmie Johnson’s #48 car pulling out of the pit for the last time as he goes on to win his 7th NASCAR Championship at Homestead taken by Award-winning Sports photographer Marc Serota! He’s seen and captured it all, from Muhammad Ali to Dan Marino to Tiger Woods! It’s signed by Marc, and comes with a certificate of authenticity and the back story of the photograph. It’s gorgeous! It measures 16″ by 24″. Order it here in the Manopause Shop for $199.00 with free shipping!

NFW Watch

What Dad, or guy, doesn’t like a cool watch? For most guys, it’s the only form of jewelry that we wear. Wait, except for the wedding ring. Anyway, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a Rolex or Breitling to get a great-looking, well-engineered watch. NFW watches are exceptionally tough, sporty, and most importantly, manly! There are models for every taste and budget, and they’re all engineered and designed by the owner, George Fox! And he donates part of his profits to military veteran causes! What could be better than that? Check them out use code MANO for a 15% discount at the link above. Smokin’ Deal for Dad!

ClubHub Excel 14 Sensor Pack

This is a must-have if your Dad is a golfer and hates losing! It’s a Golf Swing Analyzer and Shot Tracking System with sensors that attach easily to each club. The Excel 14 uses a phone app to tell him everything he doesn’t know about how bad his swing is and where his ball is going! It records backswing location, club head position at the top of the backswing, club head speed at impact, and…well, pretty much everything. He’ll be able to see it on his computer or phone either real time or later, when he calms down. It also tracks the ball flight and works at almost every course in the US. Hell, it probably even knows what type of thong he’s wearing. Now that he’s manscaping! He will love it, and it WILL improve his game. So help him start kicking his golf buddies’ butts! Use code MANOPARS for a 10% discount at ClubHub Golf link above. Fore!!

The Ice Wedge Scotch Glass

That’s right. A wedge of ice in his Scotch glass just waiting in the freezer for him to pour in that sweet elixir of the gods. The ice melts slow because the glass is cold too, so no watered down Scotchy-Scotch for him. And he’ll look so cool sipping from it! Buy a pair, or 2 pairs, so he can rock them with his buddies. They’re only $19.95 each! Available on the Manopause Shop!

Pegasus Wines

Maybe your Dad isn’t into Scotch. How about wine? We all love finding terrific wines at great prices and telling our friends they cost a fortune! Your Dad can do that with Pegasus Wines! From grapes grown in the Santa Ynez Valley, Pegasus uses Old World techniques for growing the grapes and producing extraordinary wines! The Cabernet Sauvignon and the Sauvignon Blanc are my favorites, the red a robust, smooth, and silky treasure, and the white is an understated fruity and earthy delight! See, I can speak wine! They’re available through the shop or by clicking the above purchase button.. Use code MANOPAUSE35 for a 35% discount!!

Tommy Bahama Polo Shirt

With summer coming, a nice polo shirt goes with anything. This Palm Coast IslandZone® Polo from Tommy Bahama is lightweight, breathable and flexible, just what Dad bods need! And in black, it’s slimming! $110.00.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Coffee Mug

What Dad doesn’t like a warm cup of joe in the morning, either lounging at home or at work to ease the stress? The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug keeps coffee warm for 2 hours–I know, I have one! He can drink the mud leisurely knowing that each sip will be warm deliciousness. And even if Nature calls, he can take his time–that warm java is awaiting his return.

Nike Air Pegasus 37 Running Shoe

This is the latest greatest running shoe from Nike. More support and more comfort, including extra wide versions (Nike shoes can sometimes run narrow), make this a great choice to either start exercising or keep exercising and prevent injury. These shoes are great for any activity even if your Dad isn’t a runner! And they are so cool in gray! Only $120.00!

Hydroflask Beer Growler

Hot Summer Day. Sweating like a fat man in a sauna. What does your Dad need? A nice cold brewski! But on a hot day, it can get warm and flat quicker than a hot date with falseys! The CO2 bubbles stay dissolved better in a cold solution, so to keep the fizz, you need to keep the cold! Get your special beer-loving Dad the Hydroflask Beer Growler. It keeps the beer cold and fizzy for long enough for him to enjoy every drop! And it’s 64 delicious ounces! Cheers, and hide the breakables!

Remember, Dads are cool. They work hard, hopefully play hard, and deserve a nice pat on the back at least once a year. Make it special this year!

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