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Episode 2 – Secrets, Sex, Surprises, and OMG!

Duration: 8:12
Del goes to a therapist to sort out an unwelcome diagnosis and has a tough time concentrating on what Dr Aja Steele is saying because she is absolutely arousing him and he prefers her distraction to the real reason he is there. She is able to get him to reveal his greatest fear but not able to assuage his concern. Amanda and Beth, continue to dish about Del and Carol and Del’s first wife Annie. They really don’t love Carol and are worried about Del. Sandy, a handsome new neighbor, stops Amanda and Beth in their tracks. Herb broaches the subject of a guy’s trip to Beth and she is initially not happy. Something unexpected happens when Kurt and Amanda’s daughter, Danielle, comes home.

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Del finds himself at a crossroads in his life and second marriage. He tries to convince Herb and Kurt that they all need to spice up their routine existence with a guy’s trip. Amanda and Beth make an effort to embrace Del’s new wife, Carol.


Del and Carol’s disconnect is becoming more of an issue. He begrudgingly has another revealing session with his therapist. Kurt is dealing with pressure and stress at work that puts his company on the line, while Herb navigates a patient without a clue.


Del surprises Carol with a romantic evening which ends up surprising them both in a disastrous way.


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