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Episode 3 – YOLO, Really?

Reality is definitely hitting home with Del, Kurt and Herb. The 3 guys who seem to have it all are each struggling in their own way. Kurt’s business is challenging and he is the ‘old man’ in the office, a bit panicked that he is losing business. Del who is dealing with his retirement and his diagnosis is struggling to connect with Carol who simply doesn’t have time for him. And, Herb is getting really tired of dealing with ditzy 20 something patients that just don’t get it. After a disastrous night with Carol, Del goes to see Asia again. This time he finally opens up a little more and she convinces him that he’s going to need his family and friends to get through his illness.

Del finds himself at a crossroads in his life and second marriage. He tries to convince Herb and Kurt that they all need to spice up their routine existence with a guy’s trip. Amanda and Beth make an effort to embrace Del’s new wife, Carol.


Beth and Amanda meet a hot new neighbor. Del sees a therapist to help him deal with a disturbing diagnosis. Herb and Kurt bring up their ‘guys trip’ plans with their wives. Kurt and Amanda are caught in a compromising position.


Del surprises Carol with a romantic evening which ends up surprising them both in a disastrous way.


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