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The impact of social distancing and the pandemic is dramatically affecting everyone’s dating life.

You’re ready to meet someone fantastic, but you wonder if it’s worth it to engage right now.

You might be asking yourself, “to what end?”

Facetime dates feel awkward and Zoom dinner dates just aren’t taking the place of real face to face interaction. First dates have enough challenges without suddenly needing to be an expert on camera. It just feels odd and forced.

There isn’t a perfect substitute for a real date. It’s what makes dating and interacting with women so interesting. But, there’s a way to manage your personal life right now that just might be a total game-changer.

We’re starting to see businesses start to reopen but there’s more than the shutdown of venues and restaurants for you to consider when dating during the pandemic.

It’s the mindset of women.

If you want to succeed, take a deeper look and work to understand the female perspective. 


  1. Women seek security. Men seek adventure. Don’t rush to plan the first in-person date. You may or may not be worried about Covid-19, but most women are exercising a bit more caution when meeting new men. Be patient. Allow her to get to know you gradually and build trust. A lot of women are sharing that men are too quick to ask for a date right now. This only adds pressure which could make the right woman retreat before getting to know you.
  2. Shift your own mindset. Rather than taking a break from “dating” altogether, consider this an opportunity to build connections at a slower pace. I know it’s frustrating, but the way to a woman’s heart, mind and body is through steady, consistent, positive action. Make her feel safe and you’ll be the guy that stands out from the crowd. 
  3. Connect via phone. Prior to the pandemic, a call was just a means to an end. A way to briefly chat and plan a date. Since we now understand that women are not as comfortable with this, the phone needs to become your friend. You’ll need a delicate balance of building a connection without spending too much time building a relationship. Keep your calls light, brief and yet meaningful.
  4. Go to video if you MUST. Going too quickly to a FaceTime or Zoom date feels pushed and rushed. I’ve seen this kill romantic potential if it doesn’t go well. Use this medium only if you’ve been speaking for a couple of weeks and the mutual interest is obvious. It’s a way of meeting the woman you’ve been having a great time on the phone with rather than a way of seeing her face to calculate interest or chemistry.
  5. You’re saving valuable time and money. Dates are expensive. Think of this time of connecting on the phone as a way of learning about new women, yourself and a way to explore new introductions without the responsibility of date planning. You’ll only need to be economical with how many women you’re talking with on a weekly basis. Otherwise, you won’t be able to invest yourself in a way that’s meaningful and thoughtful.

Above all, just know that these are unprecedented times. We’re all feeling our way through this and like every crisis, it has a way of revealing our best and worst traits. Be patient with yourself. Be patient with the women you’re getting to know. Keep an open mind and for now, go with the flow.

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April Beyer
April Beyer
April Beyer is a dating & relationship expert as well as the Founder & CEO of LEVEL Connections. LEVEL is the first hybrid technology-driven introduction service that combines machine learning with expert human support. As a relationship advisor, she empowers her clients with knowledge, wisdom and clarity to succeed in love. Dr. Phil calls her “The Best of the Best.” and she’s been featured on 20/20, ABC News, Good Morning America, MSNBC, the Hallmark Channel and in countless print and digital publications. April has been responsible for countless lasting relationships and happy marriages. For more information, visit April's Facebook and Instagram pages.
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