What Makes A Woman Fall In Love With A 50 Something Man?

The aging process of a man is very similar to the aging process of a fine wine. Like wine, it takes men a while to mature. Here’s an interesting fact – it turns out men don’t fully attain maturity until they turn 43! That’s around 11 years after women can call themselves mature. This explains the attraction women feel towards men in their 50s. They’re just perfectly ripe for the picking at that age.

But it’s more than just physical and mental maturity that sweeps a woman off her feet and make her fall in love with a man in his 50s. If you’re a man in that age group, and you’re reading this article, then you’re about to discover a lot of truth about the fascination women have with your demographic. Here’s what women like about you when you in your 50s.

Your Grey Hair

Maybe women are inspired by men like George Clooney and Richard Gere. The greyer your hair, the more intelligent, dapper, and distinguished women think you are. Well, it’s not their fault. Men who have grey hair sure look suave and debonair.

You’re Good In Bed

Men in their 50s experience a more satisfying sex life than men in their 30s and 40s. That’s what Science Daily says. It’s because men of this age aren’t into pleasing themselves only. They become givers in bed when they turn 50. They make sure women get the kind of pleasure and satisfaction they seek when they’re with them.

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You Don’t Trouble Women With Your Kids

Your kids would most likely be grownups by the time you turn 50. They will be out in the working world which means you aren’t looking for someone to take care of your children. This is very comforting for modern women. They know a relationship with a man in his 50s doesn’t come with extra burdens.

You Do What You Say

Men in their 50s aren’t fooling around with women by telling lies and making false promises. They stick to what they say and make solid commitments in this age. This makes women feel like they’re dating a “real man” who knows how to keep promises and is capable of taking responsibility for his words and actions.

You’re Physically & Financially Fit

Women don’t expect men in their 50s to beat 30-year-olds in a marathon, but one look at 50 something guys who care about their fitness and you’ll know how sturdy they look. Moreover, women assume you must have made some money by now. So, even if it’s not always true, you seem very secure to them. You probably have your own place, a car, life insurance and credit cards!!

All in all, women expect their relationship with a man in his 50s to be a grown-up one that is supposed to move in the right direction. Since you can use all the advantages that come with your age to attract an intelligent, independent, funny, caring and passionate partner, you have plenty to make this relationship work on your end as well!

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