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Manopause Fantasy Football Championship Week: Let’s Go!

Ready For A Manopause Fantasy Football Championship Week?

OK here we go it’s a championship week in the fantasy football universe and the Manopause ‘fight club’ league is down to the last two teams.

It’s between Mike a.k.a. ‘the big kahuna’, coming in as the 5th overall seed and barely squeaking past the number 2 seed Daniel G and then there is me, the predictable, finishing number 1 overall. I am coming off of a dominating performance in the semi finals against Vicks Doggy Daycare. Mike will tell ya that nobody helped him get this far, but he coincidentally started winning games once he actually started reading my articles.

All or Nothing In The Championships

When it comes to the finals you have to clear the benches. You have to make some calculated risks because it’s all or nothing, especially this year with COVID, the extra game added to the season and an unprecedented amount of injuries due to a lack of preseason training camps.


If you’re scrambling to find a quarterback after losing yours, for example Jimmy Garoppolo went down last week, a solution might be to pick up someone like Kirk Cousins From the Minnesota Vikings, Tua Tagovailoa from the Miami Dolphins (one of the top quarterbacks in efficiency believe it or not and having everything to play for) or Joe Burrows from the Cincinnati Bengals. All or one of them might just still be available.

Running Backs

When it comes to running backs if you were smart and filled your bench with as many back ups to your starters then you should be okay if your starter went down in the last couple of weeks. Back ups like AJ Dillon in Green Bay and Alexander Mattison in Minnesota could help you win the title if you were quick enough to pick them up. 

A couple of sleeper picks at the running back position would be Duke Johnson from the Miami Dolphins and the completely unknown running back from the Jacksonville Jaguars Dare Ogunbowale who will be starting for the injured James Robinson. 

Ogunbowale would be perfect for my opponent Mike because he just lost his starter James Robinson last week, but here’s where gamesmanship comes in to play. You see, I already picked up Ogunbowale so Mike can’t have him on Sunday. I simply cut a bench player that I knew I wasn’t going to start in the final and that I knew Mike wouldn’t need for his team and gave myself that advantage.

League Finalists

Now that you’re down to just two teams it should be pretty easy to go find some serviceable back ups for wide receiver, tight end, kicker and defense because no one else is scrambling to the wire except you and the other finalist in your league.

My opponent is definitely going to make some colossal mistakes this week. His first one will be to reach out to other players like his good buddy Larry or my son looking to trade their big name players to him because both of them want to see me lose, but he will find out quickly that the trade deadline ended a month ago. 

His next big mistake will be to not check the active and inactive list 30 minutes prior to the first game kicking off on Sunday so therefore he’ll probably have at least one player who is questionable or maybe even on IR in his starting lineup.

And finally, his third big mistake will be making mistake number one and number two even though he reads this article.

So good luck to everybody who was fortunate enough and savvy enough to get into the final game of the season and for those of you in the third place game… play hard, there’s still money in most leagues to win and if you’re in the top 3 or 4, your draft position is already going to suck for next year so you might as well finish strong with the win.

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