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Hollywood Hustle is an exciting new thriller in the style of Robert Ludlum and Lee Child written by Jon Lindstrom, a 4 time Emmy-nominated actor and director seen in shows like True Detective, Homeland, and Bosch.

Hollywood Hustle begins with a mystery. Winston Greene, an aging actor with a troubled daughter and a fading career, wakes up one morning to find his disheveled and frightened granddaughter standing over him holding a thumbdrive. Waiting outside, the thug that brought her. He lets Winston know that his daughter has been kidnapped and to get her back, he needs to pay up, and fast.

After he leaves, Winston distracts his granddaughter with breakfast and checks the thumbdrive. There he sees his daughter pleading for Winston to help and pay the ransom. What the gang doesn’t know is that he’s all but broke, the Hollywood money long gone!

Winston recruits two friends, an aging Hollywood stuntman and a disgraced ex-cop, to help buy time to find his daughter before the gang finds out he’s broke. Without money and with the clock ticking, he must use all their skills and connections to find the kidnappers and save his daughter.

Hollywood Hustle is a page turner that you can’t put down. The chapters are short and intense, like scenes in a movie, each one leading to another clue and hopefully a step closer to finding his daughter. It’s a novel filled with unique characters and jarring plot twists that keep you guessing! Set in LA, there are familiar landmarks that bring a realism and intensity to the story.

Hollywood Hustle is a fast-paced easy read with a great story that you won’t be able to put down!

Book Review Written by: Larry Pollack

Pair It With:

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So grab yourself a bottle, mix up a drink and sit down with this compelling read.

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Larry Pollack
Larry Pollack
Larry Pollack is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Del Mar, California. In addition to co-founding and writing articles for Manopause.com, he has written a television presentation pilot called "Manopause" and a horror film called "Spore."
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