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John Davidson – Actor, Singer, Broadway Star & TV Host

Larry and Mike caught up with John Davidson, now a youthful 81, to talk about his career, his continued passion for entertaining, and his intimate new venue, Club Sandwich, near his home in New Hampshire.

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Bob Ross was a staple on PBS in the 80s and early 90s. An artist for the people, he turned a blank canvas into a beautiful painting right before our eyes on the 30 minute "The Joy Of Painting" show. Known for his calming voice...
I am fortunate enough to live on a beautiful continent called Africa. A continent which we consider as one of the last true wilderness areas of the world. Africa has many different species of animals and many of them are only found here. There are...
My wife and I have attended a series of retirement seminars, hosted by our local senior citizens center called Founders Hall. The moderator told us that we would be covering every aspect of retirement, except for money: How to find new meaning in life. What...