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The 8 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For A Guy Who Has Everything

As if Valentine’s Day isn’t stressful enough, we all just finished celebrating the holidays and are now supposed to find another gift for the apple of our eye?

If you’re the type of man who never struggles to find the perfect gift for his girlfriend or wife, then you don’t need this article. Chances are you’re not that man.

You know the time in your life when you stop putting the right amount of candles on your birthday cake? When you start noticing how young everyone else looks? You begin to realize you have more aches and pains, and things you have done your...
Just killed a word. Put a gun against its head, Pulled my trigger, now it’s dead. Apologies for messing with Freddie Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody, and anyway, that’s not what happened. The break-up came without my knowledge or consent. I killed nothing. The truth: I lost...