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Have you ever reached a certain age and can’t believe you’re there? It seems like yesterday you’re young and dewy-eyed and in no time at all, you’re in the ‘seventh inning stretch.’ Still, there are…
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This  marshmallow pancake stack is topped with bourbon blueberry compote and spiked syrup! Kent was surfing the web and discovered that Makers Mark had created some simply amazing recipes. Well you know me, let’s try it out…
Performance Anxiety in the bedroom is real and can become a catalyst for a cycle of despair. Fear not; there’s hope! Learn more in this article. Are you ready to get down to action in…
The former president of Botswana recently became my hero when he publicly condemned the killing of two of Africa’s largest elephants in Botswana. Intelligent, sentient beings, reduced to hunting trophies on the wall of a…


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Sun, sand, surf, eat and repeat. If this sounds like your type of vacation, pack light and head to Tulum, an eco-chic tropical paradise set along the Mexican Caribbean on the Yucatan Peninsula. Located approximately…
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