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The Universal Timing Of Things

Several years ago, I read the wonderful book Change We Must by Nana Veary. In her later years, this amazing woman was officially proclaimed a “Living Treasure” by the Hawaii state legislature. I highly recommend her book. In it, Nana offers up a concept I think is true. During WWII she and a friend came up with an idea to use remnant material to make padded mittens so people could get items out of an oven without getting burned. They mulled and discussed, but did not ever do anything about it. A few months later, the first ever oven mitt appeared in the Montgomery Ward catalogue. The concept? Great ideas are out there in the Universe, and they land on a bunch of different people. Most think “hey, great idea,” and do nothing. The idea floats around until it lands on somebody. Then voila—the world changes. I think the saying goes something like, “The first person gets the pearl. Everyone else gets the shell.”

You would not believe the number of articles I have either in the outline or half-done stage for Manopause.com. I’ve got articles on trivia, book writing, earthquakes, and rock and roll. They’ll all be terrific, when SOMEBODY writes them.

It took me more than ten years to finally put fingers to the keyboard and write my first novel. Ten years! I had the idea. I had the plot and the characters and a lot of the character development and cool features that ended up being woven into the book, all in my head. The darn thing took less than three months to write. So, if you have the brilliant idea to write a comedy novel about mutated cows, then I have two things to say to you. First, it’s not your idea. That notion belongs to the Universe. And, second of all, TOO LATE!  I wrote the book. And, I am almost done with the sequel. So there.

What is it that takes some things so long to see the light of day?

In some instances, the answer is clear. Technology must catch up. Jules Verne thought up many things more than one hundred years before they became a reality. The flying car may someday be a common part of our world.  

Perhaps. But I’m not talking about technology-based advances. I’m not referring to advances in medicine. I’m talking about building a better mousetrap. I’m talking about seeing an informercial on television and saying to yourself, “I had that idea five years ago!” Or perhaps, “that is so simple, someone should have thought of that before.” Well, several somebodies did. Because, as Nany Veary claimed, the idea is out there. The Universe is ready for what is in your head. When you get the idea, take the steps to bring it to fruition.

Could you fail? Perhaps even epically so? Of course! But that is part of the excitement. Remember that the Bible tells the story of thousands of years ago, when a building was built that was taller than the world had ever seen. God said he had to mix up the languages of man at that point, because if he did not do it that “there is nothing that they have in mind that will be impossible for them.” What do you have in mind? If you don’t take the steps to bring the idea bouncing around in there to reality, the Universe will find someone who will.

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