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You Gotta Be Kidding—The Ultimate Trivia E-Book

Nearly twenty years ago I wrote two books of trivia that were based on more than two decades worth of interactive trivia contests I ran in the Pacific Northwest. The Great Roseburg Trivia Challenge raised a lot of money for various charities over the years, and it was wonderful running these wacky competitions. I had no idea the annual events would become so popular in the region, and learned that the effective writing of trivia and combining the creating of questions and featuring the insertion of comedy disclaimers (or fake answers) was a skill that could be developed. I think I got pretty good at it. At its height, the finals of The Great Roseburg Trivia Challenge were even shown live on the local NBC affiliate. I am sure at least a dozen people watched it.

These days many folks don’t have time to read paperback books, least of all dry books of trivia with multiple choice answers. I’ve decided to write an E-Book, to be titled, You Gotta Be Kidding—The Ultimate Trivia E-Book.

As a special feature for Manopause visitors, sections of You Gotta Be Kidding—The Ultimate Trivia E-Book will be released on this site, and this site only. Look at the questions below. Think you know an answer? Click on the ANSWER link and you will be taken to a webpage showing the correct answer.

Don’t feel down if you don’t get them all correct, though question #9 should be a gimme. The BEST any team ever scored, with teams of four attempting to answer many of these same questions, was just over 50% correct. And stay tuned to Manopause.com for more trivia madness and questions, the answers to which will leave you saying, “You Gotta Be Kidding!”

Which of the following facts is true about the average human nose?

  1. It has more sucking power than a full-grown Indian elephant’s trunk
  2. It produces more than 23 pounds of mucous every year
  3. It gets warmer when we lie
  4. It has the amazing ability to emit a phosphorescent red glow in foggy weather
  5. It turns brown when we kiss up to our boss


Most people have heard of the soft drink Mountain Dew. What other DEW soda was put on the market but flopped?

  1. Inka Dinka Dew
  2. Yabba Dabba Dew
  3. Amount Dew
  4. Morning Dew
  5. Dog Dew


At the funeral of President Andrew Jackson, his pet parrot had to be removed from the ceremony for what unusual reason?

  1. He flew out over the audience pooping on people’s heads
  2. He would not stop singing “I’ve been working on the railroad”
  3. He got excited and began blurting out curse words
  4. He bit the middle finger of the first lady and then laughed loudly
  5. He wouldn’t stop asking the guests if they wanted a cracker


Musician Bill Withers was a successful artist whose first million-selling song was called Ain’t No Sunshine.  Historically, record companies present artists with a gold record when they release a song that sells a million copies. But Sussex Records didn’t give Bill a gold record. What did they give him instead?

  1. Golden arches
  2. Gold horseshoes
  3. A gold banana
  4. A goldfish
  5. A gold toilet seat


One Spanish translation is Little Bit of Gold. What is it in English?

  1. El Dorado
  2. El Paso
  3. Chalupa
  4. Doritos
  5. Pesos


An Indian Army Service Corps set an unusual world record a few years ago. What was it?

  1. They built a 1.5-mile-long suspension bridge out of banana tree leaves
  2. They managed to get 58 people on a single motorcycle
  3. They marched in place for 97 consecutive days
  4. They knitted a 3-square-mile flag
  5. They ate one million locusts in a 30-day period


Which of the following is a term for the underside of a horse’s hoof?

  1. Frog
  2. Molly
  3. Coddle
  4. Dingus
  5. Smegma


What interesting fact is true about Franklin Roosevelt?

  1. At one time he had 23 basset hounds in the White House
  2. He was related to five other U.S. Presidents by blood and six others by marriage
  3. He spent more than 17 Million taxpayer dollars to get the dime changed to depict him image
  4. He considered one of his biggest failures to be his inability to get Canada to become part of the United States
  5. He nicknamed Winston Churchill “Mr. Poopypants”


Scientist have discovered that which of the following scents is the most erotic to older men?

  1. Vanilla
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Chanel #5
  4. Beer
  5. Tuna


What bizarre fact is true about snakes?

  1. Some species can slither at more than 60 MPH
  2. Their genetically closest living relative is the hippopotamus
  3. Their ears are located at their tail ends
  4. Their chopped off heads can still bite you hours after the chopping off has occurred
  5. They are considered amphibians and not reptiles


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