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5 Delicious Holiday Liqueurs To Bring To Any Gathering

What Are Holiday Liqueurs?

Irish cream, Eggnog, Pumpkin Spice, Gingerbread, Peppermint, White Chocolate… these are all flavors that sound sweet and also reminiscent of the weather cooling down and the holidays nearing. We all know what vodka, whiskey, rum, gin and tequila are. Those are liquors. A liqueur, on the other hand, is a sweet specific flavored alcohol. Typically they are a bit lower in alcohol content but pack a ton of flavor.

In this article I am going to recommend 5 great liqueurs you can bring to any holiday party or keep in stock at home to sip on while you’re decorating your tree or exchanging holiday gifts. They are sweet, but taste great over ice or poured into a coffee or hot chocolate.

1. Bailey’s

Bailey’s Irish cream is an Irish cream liqueur. It is made from Irish whiskey, cocoa and Irish cream. Invented in the early 1970s, this liqueur has become a staple of most bars across the US. With an alcohol content of 17%, you can definitely just sip it on the rocks, or sub it out for cream in your coffee. If you make a hot chocolate, pour a little Bailey’s in and you won’t be disappointed.

holiday liqueurs, baileys

Bailey’s also makes several other varietals of flavors. They have a caramel flavor, a mint flavor and a coffee flavor. If you stumble upon any of these other flavors, definitely scoop them up and drink them the same way you would the original Irish cream version.

2. Kahlua

If you like coffee, chances are you’ve had Kahlua before. This liqueur is rum based and coffee flavored and an absolutely staple in most bars. Kahlua is in the classic White or Black Russian cocktails, mixed either with vodka or vodka and cream. I don’t believe in ruining a classic good thing, so if you get Kahlua this holiday season, don’t forget to whip up a White Russian.


Kahlua has been around since the 1930’s and is 20% alcohol. Many coffee flavored dessert recipes will also call for Kahlua so it’s good to keep on hand. It’s also incredible in an espresso martini!

3. Disaronno

Have you heard of amaretto? Likely the answer is yes. Disaronno is an amaretto liqueur produced in Saronno, Italy. You can find a dozen types of amaretto, but Disaronno takes the cake. It is 28% alcohol and tastes like marzipan candy.


Originally called Amaretto di Saronno, be was condensed to “Disaronno” in 2001. Amaretto can be served on the rocks, in a mixed cocktail or even with coffee. The Italian variant of an Irish coffee uses Disaronno and it’s also quite delicious. Perhaps the most famous use of amaretto is in the Italian dessert tiramisu.

4. Godiva White Chocolate

Straight of Belgium at 15% alcohol, this Godiva White Chocolate liqueur is truly a liquid dessert. If you’ve never had a chocolate martini, it’s time you do. Godiva excels at making extraordinary chocolates, so why wouldn’t they knock this out of the park?

Godiva White chocolate

Available in most grocery stores, make sure you get your hands on this delicious product for this holiday season. What’s even better than in a martini is drizzling some over ice cream for dessert. It’s usable in plenty of baked goods too, so if you happen to have any leftover after the holiday season, there are plenty of other places to use it in your kitchen.

5. Frangelico

Another Italian liqueur you might have heard of, Frangelico is hazelnut flavored and also a staple of most modern bars. At 20% ABV, it’s perfect over ice or added into coffee or a mixed cocktail. Created in 1978, the bottle has a very unique shape. It is modeled to look like a Christian friar.


It might surprise you how refreshing a Frangelico on ice with a squeeze of citrus tastes. There is actually a famous shot with a lemon wedge, sugared rim, Frangelico and vodka that is called a birthday cake shot. You have to try it to believe it, but it sure does taste like a bite of birthday cake!

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Jaime Garza
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