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Busy Life But Wanting A Better Body? 5 Things Older Men Must Understand About Fitness

All it takes is a few small shifts in what you do and how you think to get the HUGE results you want.

Here are five of those shifts that older men must make to earn a better body while enjoying the process and feeling less frustration.

1. You Can Get More Done In Fewer, Shorter Workouts Every Week When You Understand How That’s Done

better body

It’s not a specific training routine that produces the best results for you now that you’re a little older. It’s how well you execute the training routine you’re doing.

If you want to get better results with less time in the gym because you’re busy, it very doable. But you simply can’t work out like you did when you were younger and had plenty of time and brain space to waste.

You can’t train like the vast majority of men you see working out online or in the gyms.

2. Knowing How To Execute Each Set Determines The Quality Of Your Workouts

A great workout is nothing more that a series of well-executed, intense sets stacked on top of each other.

There’s a systematic way of thinking and mental and emotional approach to every set that many men just have never learned.

No matter how many years they’ve been working out or how many videos they’ve watched, this key distinction is often missed.

Go here to learn more about my Age Optimization System for older men, fill out the questionnaire, and initiate communication with me. 

3. There’s No Use Going On A Diet Or Changing Your Eating Habits If The Plan You’re On Isn’t Sustainable, Period

No matter how dedicated you are, you’ll eventually want to enjoy some delicious foods. You’re going to want to enjoy some good old fashioned carbohydrates to bolster your energy and improve your moods

The good thing is that you can do this and still look amazing when you know how to work them into your intelligent eating plan.

This is a key, life-changing distinction that many men who eat pizza and hamburgers with their family and friends every once in awhile and still look great can’t explain to you. They don’t know how they’ve stumbled upon it.

Even the young, passionate fitness experts who brag about the delicious foods they enjoy don’t do a great job explaining on their videos and don’t fully understand themselves. And, no. It’s not because they’re young.

4. Any Diet Will Work For You When You Understand The Four Things That Make Them All Work.

Do you ever wonder why there are so many different diets with so many different people all saying the one they’re on is the best?

It’s because they ALL work when you know what you’re doing. Their success isn’t based on the special, cutting-edge features. Their success is based on their commonalities and how well you execute them.

The best diet for you will usually come down to your understanding of what you’re doing and why, your level of certainty that what your doing is going to work, your lifestyle, and your execution. That’s it!

Go here to learn more about my Age Optimization System for older men, fill out the questionnaire, and initiate communication with me. 

5. You Need Help Figuring Out What’s Best For You No Matter How Smart And Hardworking You Are Or What You’ve Accomplished In Other Areas Of Your Life.

We’ve got more time behind us than we do in front of us now that we’re a little older.

There’s so much fitness information out there that confuses so many smart men out there. I don’t think I have to tell you that. No matter how determined or hardworking you are, it just doesn’t make sense to continue wasting time and energy trying to figure all of this out for yourself.

I’m sure you’re great at what you do for a living. You’ve probably acquired a level of mastery through many years of dedication, practical application, and hard work. What do you say to that potential client who wants relief from their frustration so badly but is determined to figure it out by himself?

Maybe it’s because he has the false belief he can do it on his own. I guess anyone can if they give it enough time, right? Maybe he’s just trying so save some money. You can certainly understand that, can’t you?

But how smart is that?

What do you tell that potential client about the journey in front of him and how much easier you can make it for him?

You have to look at your health and fitness and where you have and haven’t put your willpower, focus, energy, and time up until this point in your life.

If you want some guidance, I have the perfect one-on-one attention, video presentation, and audio coaching experience for you here.

Live with a sense of urgency!

We have to when we’re a little older.

We have more time behind us than we do in front of us.

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Skip La Cour
Skip La Cour
At 57 years old, Skip La Cour helps older men become their best both inside AND outside of the gym. He is the creator of Age Optimization System that helps men use their willpower, focus, energy and time effectively and efficiently to reach their fitness and overall life goals. La Cour is a six-time national champion drug-free bodybuilder who has been a leader in fitness for over 30 years. La Cour helps older men make sense out of all the fitness information that's offered and simplifies the process. Visit Skip's website, SkipLaCour.com for more information, and connect with Skip on social media including Facebook - @SkipLaCourPage, Instagram - @skiplacour, Twitter - @skiplacour, YouTube - @skiplacour, and LinkedIn - @skiplacour.
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