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How To Squeeze A Workout In When You’re Short On Time

I have a question for you: Do you have difficulty fitting exercise into your daily regimen? If yes, the answer just might be “exercise snacks”, or brief bouts of exercise spread throughout the day. Typically, they are done at a higher intensity than regular exercise.

Exercise Snacks

Several scientific studies show that accumulated exercise over the course of a day can be as effective as one continuous session, and hence the popularity of the new kid on the block – the exercise snack or mini-workout. Let’s say three periods of 10 minutes each 3-5 times weekly. They have become popular particularly for those who are crunched for time, and who do not want to commit to a 30 minute block of time for exercise.

By introducing exercise snacks into your fitness regimen, you are not restructuring your week around exercise. You’re restructuring exercise into your week.

Significant Benefits of Exercise Snacks

  • Easier to fit into your daily schedule
  • They do not have to be highly structured
  • You are more likely to exercise during the day
  • Non-threatening in terms of time
  • No need to rely upon what can become long gym visits
  • You can take them whenever they work for you
  • You can get out of your comfort zone and push yourself a little

Choose an Exercise Which Works for YOU

Any of these might work: walking on the spot, squats, push-ups, jumping jacks, climbing stairs, jogging, brisk walking, lunges…and a multitude of others. Choose what works best for YOU. You can do them in your home, leave your office desk, or go outside. You could begin with a work to rest ratio of 1:2, for instance 20 seconds of high intensity followed by 40 seconds of recovery, then progress to a 1:1 ratio. Finally, if you want a challenge, you might want to attempt a 2:1 ratio.
Clearly, a stop-watch would be very helpful.

Any Exercise is Better than None at all. 

Technically, any exercise snack can be done at low-moderate intensity level also, for any exercise is better than none at all. There is no need to feel committed to high intensity level. Besides, you might be able to increase your intensity after a lot of practice.

The Most Under-rated Form of Exercise!

Walking is one of the most under-rated forms of exercise., and can drastically improve your health. It’s convenient, accessible, and can be exhilarating. Although walking can be leisurely, you can walk briskly and make it a high-intensity workout by adding intervals. Walking lends itself to those who are beginning to exercise, and is an ideal companion for exercise snacks. No special clothing is needed, except for sturdy walking shoes.

If you are new to exercising, I strongly urge you to visit your family doctor.

I welcome any suggestions you have, and would be delighted to answer any questions.

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Barrie Street
Barrie Street
Teaching has been one of my major passions, mainly involved at the secondary school level. I am entering my 57th year of teaching Math with the same passion as when I began. Spending so much time with young people – whether teaching or coaching them soccer, field hockey, tennis, cross-country running, cricket or ping pong – has kept me young in mind. Young people will always remain the back-bone of society and to help them grow and mature has always been a privilege. Over50andFit.ca.
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