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Mano Hemp Pain Relief: Feel the Amazing Difference!

The Origins Of My Aches And Pains

Before I discovered Mano Hemp Relief, it seemed like once I hit age 50, more areas of my body were hurting! It didn’t matter if it was after golf, working out, doing yoga, playing pickle ball, playing with my kids or just reaching for something, body parts that never hurt before began to hurt.

Mano Hemp Relief

So, like everyone else, I took Advil, Tylenol, found pain relief sprays, patches and roll-ons to relieve the pain. I had to ice and then wrap my body with tape, compression socks and different leg and arm sleeves to relieve pain. I tried Icy Hot, Ben Gay, Bio Freeze, Voltaren, Relief Factor and others and none of the products gave me sustained pain relief. So, I decided to research the category to find the best-in-class ingredients that relieve pain and inflammation.

What I found was the topical pain relief industry will hit almost $4 Billion in the United States by 2025 and $13 Billion globally. The key factors driving this industry are the increase of patients with joint pain, diabetic neuropathy, the prevalence of arthritis, and the rise of the baby boomer population dealing with aches and pains who are looking for alternatives to oral medications.

Topicals like roll-ons have significantly fewer side effects than oral medications or injections, and can be more targeted on the site of pain. Many of the roll-ons that I researched use menthol as a counterirritant ingredient that heats and cools. Other topical products use lidocaine to numb the area. Some use camphor, an FDA approved topical analgesic and anesthetic used for pain relief. I also looked at Bio Freeze’s ingredients, which were 3.5% menthol with some added herbal extracts. Icy Hot uses menthol and camphor. However, I asked myself, “If I wanted to manufacture my own topical pain relief, what should I include to give me sustained pain relief?”

What I found was that there are some technologies that when added to topicals can actually provide sustained relief. In addition, the increased number of studies on Hemp Isolate and other derivatives from the Hemp plant has revealed that there are even more significant anti-inflammatory benefits.

My Quest For A Long-Acting Topical Pain Reliever

After much research and trial and error, I teamed up with Manopause.com to develop a product that would offer both immediate and sustained pain relief for muscle and joint pain.

Mano Hemp Relief is a unique product that contains a highly concentrated formula of Hemp Isolate: 2500 mg. Added to that are menthol and camphor, known anti-inflammatory ingredients. Another important and time-tested anti-inflammatory and analgesic added to the formula is white willow bark, used since the times of the Ancient Greeks.

And perhaps most importantly, we added SENDS technology, a patented self-emulsifying nano technology that helps drive the Mano Hemp Relief product right into the targeted area to relieve immediate pain. This increases the dose of the product that passes through the skin, providing better relief.

The anecdotal evidence and testimonials have been incredible from consumers with arthritis, shingles, joint pain and other pain issues who have experienced immediate and sustained relief. Obviously, a topical doesn’t cure an ailment, but living pain free is certainly priceless. All you do is simply roll the product on to the pain area and feel the difference.

How Mano Hemp Relief Changed My Life

I have been using the Mano Hemp Relief roll-on for months now prior to a workout, running or playing golf. I also apply the roll-on after any of these activities. It has changed my chronic pain and I no longer feel limited to the physical activities I can participate in. You can get Mano Hemp Relief only at Manopause.com.

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Rubin Hanan
Rubin Hanan
Rubin Hanan is a visionary with a successful track record of running sports specialty companies and creating brands over 3 decades. Mr. Hanan is the former President and CEO of Champs Sports, the 17th largest athletic retailer in the world. Prior, Mr. Hanan was the President and CEO of Foot Locker Canada where he led the turnaround of the division to record sales and profits. Previously, Mr. Hanan was the SVP of Marketing for Foot Locker Inc. where he led the marketing efforts in the United States that supported sales in excess of $3 Billion. Currently, Mr. Hanan is working as an executive consultant to both established and start-up companies helping C-Level executives scale their businesses. Mr. Hanan has a unique skill set of both marketing and operations and has a vast background in business development, merchandising, licensing, sourcing and building world class organizations.
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