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Over 50 and Fit: An Easy Guide To Getting Started

Want To Be Over 50 And Fit?

I am deeply passionate about fitness and I have a question for you: Are you over 50, do not exercise and have a passion to live a long and vibrant life? If so, I can help YOU – for I will be combining my own personal experiences with the help of guests who are experts in many different fields of exercise.

Why exercise? The benefits of regular exercise are incalculable: an improved quality of life and physical condition, more energy and zest for life, better sleep, mood improvement and an entirely different outlook on life.

Studies reveal that the overwhelming majority of seniors in North America do not meet the minimum physical activity levels needed to maintain health. Their sedentary lifestyles that predominate in older age result in premature onset of ill health, disease and frailty.

It’s Never Too Late To Begin

As our longevity continues to increase, there is even more need to exercise. It is important to know that we are never too old to begin exercising. During my running days at our local Marathon clinic, two people in their sixties joined us – they had never run before. By the time they had reached 80, both BJ and Hugh had become world marathon champions. I am certainly not suggesting that you will all become world champions but you can become a champion to your family, to your friends and even to yourself.

over 50 and fit

Soon after beginning to exercise, you will feel the immense benefits on your body and lifestyle.

The Reward Is Worth The Sacrifice

We have forged busy – not necessarily active – lifestyles but this does not mean that we cannot make changes and free-up times for fitness.

Fitting exercise into your routine may require immense discipline and commitment but the rewards are immeasurable.

I am 84 and I can testify to the boundless benefits of a life of fitness.

Allow me to share my story. I began team sports at the age of 10 and continued into my mid-40’s. I then turned solo and began running, completing my first marathon within a year. I was hooked. 

At 50, I wanted to enter triathlons but first I had to learn to swim, arguably the most challenging physical exercise of my entire life. My first coach – bless him – claimed that I swam like a brick. That was the incentive which propelled me to my first triathlon, culminating within a year in my first Ironman.

Since 60, I have run, hiked, walked, played tennis, worked out at the gym and climbed our local mountain – the iconic Grouse Grind – over 2000 times. Running some 50,000 km have helped prepare me for several marathons and Ironmen Triathlons.

No Excuses

So here I am in my 9th decade reflecting on the astonishing benefits of fitness. I am passionate about others joining me – will YOU?

The success of these blogs depends on its audience: YOU. Your comments, suggestions and input are warmly welcomed.  

In my next blog, I will discuss exercise options, motivation and goal-setting.

Caution:  I have no illusions about being an authority on fitness. My blogs are about the experiences of a layman who has learned from a combination of expert advice, diligent personal research and personal trial and error – lots of errors!

*During the course of my blogs, I will be referring you to various videos. These are purely my own recommendations and may not suit your style. If not, there are literally scores of other videos to choose from Online.

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Barrie Street
Barrie Street
Teaching has been one of my major passions, mainly involved at the secondary school level. I am entering my 57th year of teaching Math with the same passion as when I began. Spending so much time with young people – whether teaching or coaching them soccer, field hockey, tennis, cross-country running, cricket or ping pong – has kept me young in mind. Young people will always remain the back-bone of society and to help them grow and mature has always been a privilege. Over50andFit.ca.
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