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The Peloton Hype: Is It Worth It?

I never had an interest in cycling

My entire life was spent running until my chronic Achilles tendonitis nearly prevented me from doing any kind of sport. A few years ago, I started dabbling in classes at one of the high-energy, disco-like spinning studios. I liked the endorphin high and the fun nature of the classes, but I couldn’t get past feeling that I sort of sucked at it. I always took a spot in the back corner so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I needed to stop pedaling for 30 seconds.

I had seen this pricey Peloton bike in various ads, and it spiked my curiosity, but not enough to investigate it more. One day at my local YMCA, I spotted 2 new Peloton bikes. The wait to ride them was lengthy, but I figured since it was there, I would give it a try. After my very first ride, I had that feeling you get after a good first date—yes, I would like to meet again.

I continued to fight for my spot on a bike at the Y until I ended up buying my own, creating a home gym, and became totally addicted. 

It would be surprising if you have never heard of Peloton and its growing phenomenon with over 1 million current subscribers.

So, what is so special about this seemingly average spin bike? There is nothing average about it. 

  • There are live classes and classes on-demand at any time you want with a wide variety of instructors, music, and levels of difficulty.
  • You can be as anonymous or as involved as you like. I like this one because I can get competitive when I feel like it, but if I have a bad ride, nobody knows who I am.
  • It is not just a bike; it is a community. When you sign into your app either on a phone or on the bike, you have every kind of class available to you: walking, treadmill, yoga, meditation, strength training, stretching, and more.
  • It’s private. Nobody can see you trying to get your groove on.  
  • There is no excuse to not exercise. If you like to move, you can find something that motivates you every day.
  • You can choose the length of ride and the type of music you are in the mood for.
  • The bike keeps track of everything you do: your metrics, current “zones” of fitness, your improvements, and even rewards you with badges when you hit a milestone.
  • Social media groups with like-minded Peloton members come together to make new friends and support each other.
  • All ages ride. There are members under 20 and over 60.

Perhaps one of the best things about it is the joy and company it can give you in the time of Covid-19. It might be a while before it is comfortable to exercise in a gym.

Is there anything I have regretted about buying a Peloton? Not a single thing. I have had no more injuries, and I have my own personal coach.

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Kate Lueras
Kate Lueras
Kate is a Southern California native, currently residing in Encinitas, CA. She holds a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a M.A. in Healthcare Administration. She has a tremendous passion for travel and immersing herself in new cultures. Kate has been writing as a hobby since she was a young girl. Professionally, she has been the practice manager for a successful plastic surgery practice for over 25 years.
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