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13 Luxury Must-Haves To Make Being A Grandparent More Convenient

Convenience Is Key For A Grandparent

Listen, we understand this “isn’t your first rodeo,” and that you’ve “been there, done that,” when it comes to taking care of babies and raising kids. But it is time to admit that things have changed since you took on the responsibility of caring for a baby. Luckily for me, my parents have been very open-minded when it comes to ditching old school methods of nursing, changing, and playing with a baby. What millennials do better than any other generation, is that they have mastered the art of making things more convenient.


I am here to share some AMAZING, high-end products that can make watching your grandkids much easier, so you can enjoy them even more and spare yourself some exhaustion. Not all of these items will break the bank, but they probably have been much improved since you had a little one at home. 

Bentley Trike (stroller to tricycle)

This gem is such a fun, high-end, luxurious product. This is the perfect way to spoil your grandchild in style. It is a solid, beautifully made stroller that converts into a tricycle as they get older. It is perfect for daily walks, cruising around the mall, or strolling near the beach. Be prepared for all of the passersby to stop and check it out! Use code: MANOPAUSEMAN for 20% off your purchase!

Brezza Bottle Making Machine

It is basically a Keurig for making bottles. It makes the process much quicker, and allows you to set the ounces and temperature ahead of time for each bottle. While I initially resisted purchasing this “boujee” product at the request of my husband, I can truly say it has been a game changer. While it requires frequent cleaning, it is worth it if you will be watching a little one for full days or overnight stays!

Joovy Spoon Walker

Give your back a break while your grandchild practices standing, walking, and rolling around. This will ensure they are safe, while you can sit or get a break from holding them. It is ideal for 6-12 month olds. It has a tray so they can have snacks or toys to help entertain them. 

Graco Pac N Play Foldable Crib/playpen/diaper Changing Table

This all-in-one product allows you to have a crib, a playpen, and a changing table at your disposal. It folds up for easy storage, and provides you with a safe place to let your baby sit, play, and sleep. They can use this from newborn-toddler. 

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

This is a lightweight, easy to change, diaper pail. It doesn’t require a specific type of bag, so it is easy to integrate into your home. It is sleek, small, and helps prevent the diaper odor from overwhelming the room. 

Onesies With Zippers

My mother laughed at me for requesting all clothing purchased for my baby to have zippers, as opposed to a dozen snaps. Call me lazy, but who REALLY wants to change a wet, fussy, sleepy, baby and take an extra five minutes of trying to match the snaps? Especially at night and in the dark! Having a baby is hard enough, keep it simple with these adorable zipper onesies! Some popular brands are Carter’s, O2 Baby, and Thetot.com. 

“Unbuckle Me”

This is a great product for the difficult car seat buttons. Car seat  buttons are designed to be difficult to unlock to prevent children from doing it themselves.  This product was designed to help people with arthritis be able to easily pop open the car seat buttons.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

This is a convenient high chair that attaches to different tables, counters, and other surfaces. It takes up less space in your home than a standard high chair, and you can bring it with you to restaurants, outside dining areas, etc. 

Mushie & Loulou Lollipops Silicone Bib

This bib is designed to catch all of the mess that comes with feeding your grandchild. I was given many of these before I had my baby, and it has been a lifesaver! It is easy to wash, and it catches the majority of crumbs or liquid that your baby spills or spits out. This will help lessen the mess and make feeding time a little easier.

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

This inflatable bathtub is easy to blow up, and goes easily into any existing bathtub. It helps keep the baby sitting up with the inflated middle section, and prevents you from having to be bent over for a long period of time. This only works when your grandchild is old enough to sit up themselves, and you can never leave a child unattended in this (or any) bathtub!

Little Electric Cars

Kids today want to ride in style. There are a plethora of super cool, trendy, electric cars for kids. Most auto brands have their own electric car! Find Jeep, Mercedez, Land Rover, and much more on Amazon! They range in price, and make products for kids ages 1-5. They really have come a long way since my Little Mermaid Disney car. 


Little Tikes makes a great 3’ trampoline with handrail for the little ones, or you can get a full sized trampoline (with safety net) for your older grandkids. Trampolines are a fun way for kids to burn some serious energy! Be the “fun” grandparent and get a trampoline so that they have another thing to look forward to when they visit. 

KidKraft Playhouses & Play Structures

From outdoor playhouses to sandboxes to full climbing structures, KidKraft has a multitude of gorgeous play structures for kids. If you have the space, why not spoil your grandchild with this memorable and unique experience for outdoor play that will last years!

I hope this article gave you some inspiration on ways to make watching your grandchild more convenient, and your grandparenting experience more fun. It is really amazing to see all of the improvements and advancements they have made over the years. 

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Shannon Taylor
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