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5 Auto Accessories that Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

We all love our cars, even if they don’t always like us! And if you’re buying new, auto accessories are not always on your mind. Buying a car can be stressful, and we often make impulse decisions because we want that car. And face it, your vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you make. But just like your home, your vehicle is an asset and an investment.

Unfortunately, while real estate is likely to increase in value over time, vehicles across the board tend to lose value and quickly.  Not a problem if you plan on keeping that car forever. But most of us don’t. So when the time comes to purchase a new car, truck, or SUV, you’ll probably want to sell or trade-in the old one for as much as you can get for it.

Auto Accessories Are An Investment!

So how do you protect that investment and get the most bang for the buck? Here are the top auto accessories on the market to help you protect your vehicle’s value.

Seat Covers

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Your upholstery is one of the first things a prospective buyer will ultimately look at when it comes time to inspect your interior. It only takes an instant for a spill or dirty clothes to leave a permanent stain on your vehicle’s seats. But the real threat is simply the wear and tear of daily driving that will break down your seats over time. One of the best auto accessories to buy is form-fitting, custom seat covers. These will look as good as a professional reupholstery, and they’ll protect and preserve the factory seats of your car.

Floor Mats

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Similarly, the floor boards in your vehicle, especially on the driver’s side, can be worn thin over time from daily use. This issue is especially prevalent in cold and rainy climates where moisture and salt from the bottoms of your shoes might commonly come into contact with the flooring in your car. All-weather floor mats will not only protect your floors, they’ll also catch and collect any moisture that drips off of your shoes, or even spilled drinks. As far as auto accessories go, this is a slam dunk.


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2020 Jeep® Gladiator Mojave

Like so many components on your truck, Jeep, or SUV, the bumper was designed to meet the bare minimum of standards. A heavy-duty, aftermarket bumper can beef up the safety and protection of your vehicle, and it can improve the overall rugged look of your ride. When it comes time to sell, aftermarket projects like an off-road bumper can actually raise the value of your vehicle so you can aim to sell above the Blue Book value.

Car Covers

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The sparkling finish of a new car is meant to entice you on the lot, but it’s not necessarily meant to last. Dust and moisture in your garage, or weather and UV-rays outside will work to break down the luster of your vehicle’s finish over time. But with a custom-fitting car cover, you can keep your vehicle protected whether you park it indoors or outdoors. It’s one of the least expensive auto accessories and worth it! The nicer your car looks, the easier it will be to sell it for what it’s worth when the time comes.

Tonneau Covers

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For pickup truck owners, a truck bed cover can help expand the utility of your truck. This is another improvement project that might make your truck more desirable to prospective buyers. Aside from protecting your cargo from the elements, a tonneau cover also works to reduce wind resistance on your tailgate while your drive thereby improving your gas mileage and some would argue extending the life of your engine.

By keeping your vehicle in good shape and performing a few simple upgrades, you can retain as much of the initial cost as possible and bring added value to the next potential owner. You’ll be glad you did when it comes time to sell or trade-in your vehicle. Getting the most bang for your buck on your sale or trade-in will help you get the best new vehicle you can when it comes time to upgrade.

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Jake McKenzie
Jake McKenzie
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