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How To Take Your BBQ Event To The Next Level

People always love a good BBQ when the temperatures outside are nice. Aside from the food, a lot goes into providing a truly enjoyable experience. The weather is taking a turn and starting to agree with all the outdoor activities that many people have missed being able to do because of the cold winter months. And that means barbecuing is back. Check out how you can take your BBQ event to the next level. 

Marinate Your Meats 

Your spice rub and sauce game need to be on point. Not everyone thinks of marinating and seasoning their meats the night before, but they should. Give the seasoning and different flavors enough time to soak into the meats. 

This way, when guests take that first bite, it will be a burst of deliciousness in their mouths. Seasoning the day of the BBQ doesn’t mean the food won’t have flavor, but it will only be surface level. You want people to taste your hard work and expert chef skills all the way through. 

Diversify the Menu 

The menu needs to be vast and better than the year before. BBQ is about meat and good grilling, but you need to remember that some people have dietary restrictions. You want to be considerate and provide alternative options for them.

Include a few vegetarian and vegan options to throw on the grill. Seasoned vegetable kabobs are always a crowd-pleaser during the summertime. Note that vegan burgers don’t cook the same as meat burgers. Try and make those first so that they don’t the meat choices don’t cross-contaminate them and defeat their purpose. 

Consider Your Guests 

Always be a gracious host. Think of how you can make the dining and outdoor experience better for your guests. Is there a chance the weather will change? If so, include some options to keep them comfortable during the temperature shift. A section for fans and small blankets can be a great addition.

Furthermore, you want to keep the spreading of germs to a minimum. At the same time, you probably want to regulate the foot traffic in and out of your house if you’re hosting the BBQ in your yard. Add a few hand sanitizing stations to benefit your event. Guests will clean their hands and be able to dig right in. 

Get That Woody Flavor 

A good BBQ master knows how crucial that woody and smoky flavor is. It does something to the meat that seasoning alone has a hard time accomplishing. Add some wood chips to the grill that will complement the flavor of your meat. 

Sweeter wood chips work well with poultry, and savory wood works better with beef and pork options. Add them to the BBQ smoking tray or on the side of the coals, then close the lid while the meat is cooking so that the smoke can soak into it. Taking your BBQ event to the next level has never been easier. All you need is to consider a few areas where you can improve what you already do.

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