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The 10 Best Gifts For Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day is here again, and after a tough year, dads deserve some love! And older dads love Father’s Day because the kids are usually old enough to buy stuff for us other than an ugly tie. And we get to choose what we want to do! Ok, it’s only one day a year, but we’ll take it!

Manopause.com has curated 10 great and unique gifts for dads, whether they’re loungers, go-getters, dorks, or cool dudes. So go get ’em!

Father’s Day Gifts Guaranteed To Please!

DJI Drone

Guys love tech! And nothing is more techy than an easy-to-fly, compact drone with a high resolution camera! The Mavic Air 2 is reasonably priced and basically flies itself with a 48 MP photo and 4K/60fps video capability. It flies for as long as 34 minutes on a charge and returns to the point of origin automatically if the battery is getting too low or it gets out of range. Genius!

$799 – DJI

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

We want to be outside this summer. And that means camping, going to the beach, or hanging at a park with friends. The Coleman portable grill makes any outing special. It’s easy to transport, and has easy fold-out legs for stability.

You can grill til the cows come home (unless you’ve eaten them), and then switch out the grill grates for a griddle for eggs, pancakes, whatever! Winner, winner, that’s a good dinner!

$270 – Amazon

Vuori Kore Shorts

Time to ditch the old worn, baggy, and ugly shorts! Get dad some high tech, great fitting cool shorts for summer. The Vuori Kore shorts come in great colors and are athletically tailored to fit almost any body type. They have a breathable, boxer-brief liner that won’t snag the short hairs like mesh liners, so even dad can go commando!

$68 – Vuori

Skechers Marc Nason® Versatile Sneaker

Whether it’s for travel, dining out, or just hanging around, the Marc Nason® sneaker from Skechers looks cool and feels great. With a memory foam lux insole and breathable water and stain resistant upper mesh, this is one of the most comfortable shoes you can find. It’s a slip-on sneaker that makes TSA screening a breeze too! If they’re good enough for Howie Long and Joe Montana…

$90 – Skechers

Mano Hemp Pain Relief

Sore achy muscles can be a thing of the past with Mano Hemp Pain Relief roll-on. With one of the highest concentrations of hemp isolate, 2500mg, along with a proprietary patent-pending nano absorption technology, Mano Hemp Pain Relief keep guys at any age going strong! What better Father’s Day gift than freedom from achy joints and muscles!

$39.99 – Manopause.com


Ok, it’s a touchy subject, but nobody likes to look like Sasquatch. Help Dad trim the family jewels, the wiry nose and ear hairs, and any other furry bits with Manscaped’s Performance Package 4.0, featuring the award-winning Lawn Mower™, the nostril clipper Weed Whacker, ball deodorant, and toner. Watch out ladies! Your man is gonna be smooth!

$129.99 – Manscaped

Pillow Cube

A pillow for a gift?! You betcha! There is no better gift than a good night’s sleep, and a good pillow can make all the difference. Pillow Cube is a revolutionary pillow design that custom fits the pillow to your body.

Follow the instructions, then choose the small or large pillow in 4, 5 , or 6 inch thickness, and voila, heaven. These revolutionary sleep assistants can reduce neck pain and also aid in that annoying snoring you partner puts up with! Once you try a pillow cube, you’ll never go back!

$129 – Pillow Cube

Huk SPF Sports Shirts

Whether you’re a fisherman (Huk is pronounced “hook”) or just like being outdoors, the Huk SPF long sleeve shirts offer unparalleled breathability to keep you cool on the hottest day, plus an SPF 50 rating to protect your man skin from UV rays. And they look great!

$55 – Huk

The Thumb United Franklin Hoodie

Most guys don’t carry a purse. But we have just as much crap to carry around as women: phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and the the list goes on!

The Thumb United Franklin Hoodie looks cool and has pockets galore. It’s great for traveling or just a night out. Thumb United apparel has jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and pants made with the softest 80/20 cotton-poly blend for maximum comfort and wearability. USE PROMO CODE: MANOPAUSE for 18% off.

$119 – Thumb United

The Marc Serota Collection: Icons of Sports

Brett Favre, Dan Marino, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Mario Lemeiux, all Sports Icons. Marc Serota, award-winning photographer for the NBA’s Miami Heat, the NFL, Sports Illustrated, the PGA, and the Olympics, has put together amazing photographic tribute books of each of these athletes. They contain the stories behind the scenes, and pictures that only an artist like Serota could capture. And don’t miss his latest book, GOATS, a compendium of the Greatest of All Time athletes in their respective sports! Buy one or buy all. Dad will love these!

$19.95 – Manopause.com

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Larry Pollack
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