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The Manopause.com Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For 2020!

If ever we needed a gift, it’s this year! The Manopause.com 2020 Holiday Gift Guide has something for every budget. So let’s make our family, friends, and yes, ourselves, happy with something special at the end of a tough year!

1) Samsung 75 inch 8K TV – $3,299

That’s right! Go big! I own one of these babies and it’s awesome. Is it an extravagance? Sure! But who knows when we’ll get back into theaters, and nothing says family like movie night! Though there’s not a lot of 8K content yet, this Samsung TV scales up 4K content to deliver amazing clarity. And at 75 inches, you’ll see every detail no matter what the movie is.

75 inch 8K TV
Side view 75 inch 8K TV

Coupled with an affordable surround sound system like Sonos, this amazing TV will make you reconsider going to the movies! It will fit any decent size wall and is only 1 inch thick! Or it has a stand if you want to put it on a console! This will definitely be one of the best gifts for you and your family!

2) Audio Technica ATL60SPBT-BK Turntable – $199

That’s right, turntables, or record players, are back! Vinyl is king right now as people realize the more authentic sound that a record produces! And there are tons of them out there! If you want a great value for not a lot of money, our Holiday Gift Guide is recommending the Audio Technica ATL60SPBT-BK model. It’s fully automatic, meaning, like in the old days, the needle arm returns to its carriage when the record is done. It also is bluetooth capable–no clumsy speaker wires! And the belt drive is engineered to minimize vibration while the record plays! It’s a great value at $199! So pull out all those dusty Grand Funk and Chicago albums and have a go!

3) Fitness Equipment

Treadmill – $2,620

You know you say it every year, and it will be more important after this year: “I need to get in shape!” Well, sometimes it’s cheaper, safer, and more convenient to exercise at home. And now, most good treadmills have interactive programs that allow you to work out in a group or with a personal trainer!

We recommend the Nordic Track commercial 1750 series treadmill. It comes with a 1 year membership to the Interactive Personal Training program, iFit, and with a 10 inch HD screen, it’s like your right there! And when you’re not using it, it folds up out of the way! Just don’t use it as a clothes hanger!

Weights – $349

The best weights for home use are dumbbells. They take up minimal space, are easily interchanged, and you don’t need a spotter! Resistance training has been proven to strengthen bones, build lean muscle, and improve the immune system. Who doesn’t want “guns”?

We recommend the Bowflex SelectTech 552 set of dumbbells. They replace 15 sets of dumbbells by easily adjusting settings that change in increments of 2.5 pounds all the way up to 52.5 pounds. No fuss, no muss, and you’ll be showing off your arms and chest before next summer!

4) Phantom X12.5 Golf Putter – $429

“You drive for show and putt for dough!” How true that is! There’s a plethora of prodigious putters out there, and every golfer has to decide which one works for them. I’ve always been partial to the Scotty Cameron putters, and there’s a cool new one called the Phantom X12.5. Not only does it look like something from Star Wars, but it’s built to enhance sweet spot contact, with carefully integrated visual guides to help you sink that money putt! Any golfing mom, dad, wife, husband, or bestie will thank you!

5) The Most Comfortable Hoodie Ever – $89-109

Who doesn’t like hoodies? They’re kind of the all-weather go to — cool enough for moderate days, but then warm and cozy with with the hood up on those cooler days. And guys, no more over stuffing your pant pockets with keys, phone, wallet, and all that jazz! Thumb United apparel has jackets and hoodies that come with pockets galore inside, and the best thing is you won’t see any bulges where you don’t want them! Thumb United has picked the softest material, an 80/20 cotton-poly blend for maximum comfort and wearability. I own the Franklin hoodie and the Truman fleece!

Franklin Hoodie
Franklin Hoodie pockets
Truman Fleece Jacket

They come in Blue, Black, or Heather gray.

And there are beautiful hoodies for your wife, girlfriend, or daughter as well, also with a ton of pockets and style pizzazz!

Casey Hoodie
Jamie Hoodie

Click here to get a 15% discount with the code manopause!

6) Personal Grooming- Priceless

This has been a tough year, emotionally, financially and physically. We’ve gotten used to wearing sweats and t-shirts, and maybe let ourselves go a little! Well, it’s time to clean up, and what better place to start than with the briar patch at your ground zero, your kibbles and bits, your bat and balls, your…well, you get the idea. No-one is saying you need to go Vin Diesel smooth down there, but lets keep it sharp!

Manscaped leads the way in grooming technology, with trimmers that don’t skin you alive and lotions that soothe and smell terrific.

And don’t forget to trim the unattractive hairs that everybody will see, especially if you’re not wearing a mask. Those nasty wiry nostril hairs! Yikes! The Weed Whacker turbo groomer from Manscaped trims those hairs so you don’t have to shed the tweezing tears of pain!

7) The Kamado Grill – $1,099

Say what? Kamado Grill? Yes, that’s right! Kamado style grills have been around for centuries. They’re usually round and ceramic, which allows them to reach cooking temperature more quickly and maintain it more easily. They are excellent for smoking, grilling, roasting, and can even serve as a pizza oven. We recommend the Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic II Charcoal Grill. It’s got an 18 inch cooking surface, perfect for small gatherings or family cookouts.

You can cook different foods in different styles all at the same time because of its multi-level design! Oh, what a master chef you shall be!

8) Yeti Cooler – $199

Whether you’re hanging in your backyard, heading out to the desert, or hitting the waves, a premium cooler is always a must. The new Roadie 24 Hard Cooler from Yeti is 10% lighter with 20% more room than the old model. It’s tall enough to stow some wine bottles, and also slim enough to fit behind your seat.

9) Phone Sanitizer – $79.95

You can’t be too careful today and our phones are carriers of germs from our daily activities. A lot of people use their phones while they’re pinching a loaf. Even when you wash your hands afterwards, you don’t wash your phone, and it was touched between the wiping and the washing!! Yikes!! Just like you need a shower once (or twice for some of us) your phone needs a good cleaning everyday, especially in these times. We recommend the PhoneSoap 3 UV Smartphone Sanitizer & Universal Charger.

This unit has two scientifically proven germicidal UV-C bulbs that completely sanitize your entire phone, killing 99.99% of all bacteria and germs. This PhoneSoap 3 offers one USB port and one USB-C port for charging, and it comes in several colors. Get one for home and one for the office!

10) Stocking Stuffers

Sometimes great things come in small packages. Here are a few stocking stuffers for your friends and family!

Zyppah Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece – From $79

We all want Peace on Earth! Why not start with Peace in Bed? If your husband, wife, or significant other keeps you awake and agitated all night ‘cuz they’re sawing logs, try the Zyppah anti-snoring mouthpiece. It’s easy to wear, doesn’t stink, and best of all, it works. Since snoring can be an early sign of sleep apnea, you could actually save a life and your relationship at the same time!

Get the best price available using our link zyppah.com/manopause! You’ll be happy you did!

The Ridge RFID Wallet – $75

It’s slim, it’s cool, and it fits in your front pocket. This wallet protects your credit cards from RFID readers. And you can eliminate that uncomfortable overstuffed bulge in your back pocket and leave it in the front where it belongs! The Ridge RFID wallet can hold up to 12 cards and has a money clip for your cash.

Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Scotch/Whiskey Glass – $20

As Ron Burgundy said, “I love Scotch, scotchy Scotch Scotch!” And you will too with your custom Manopause scotch/whiskey glasses, including it’s own custom wedgie ice tray! Who doesn’t like a cold wedgie? Bold, stylish, and uniquely yours, unless we sell millions! Click here to go to the Manopause shop!

The Yeti RAMBLER 12 Oz Spill-Proof Bottle – $29.99

The Yeti Rambler is great for hot joe or cold drinks, and keeps them the right temperature for hours! It’s topped with a unique, 360-drinking, 100% leakproof HotShot Cap that lives up to its name by letting you sip from any side while locking in piping-hot temperatures for hours on end. Great for road trips or minimizing exertion while you’re lounging on the couch!

So there you have it! Some great ideas for your husband, wife, best friend, significant other, or anybody that you want to make happy! Have a great Holiday Season!

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Larry Pollack
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