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UFOs, Aliens, And Ancient Civilizations: Oh My!

I’m generally not into conspiracy theories. I believe that we landed on the moon, that Elvis wasn’t an alien and is dead, and that the Earth is a sphere.

Nevertheless, for better or for worse, conspiracy theories abound. Some are whimsical and interesting, while others are potentially harmful. For instance, who shot JFK or what really happened at Roswell? Are supermodels aliens? These belong to the former.

And the latter ones? Vaccines cause autism and allow government mind control. Shark cartilage is the secret cure to cancer that doctors don’t want you to know about. These are harmful!

I choose conspiracy theories that peak my curiosity and maybe, just maybe, have a kernel of truth to them. My favorite one is Aliens! Now, do I believe they exist and have had contact with us, either in the distant past or right now? Uh, maybe.

Before you stop reading, consider the success of the TV program Ancient Aliens. This show, which even Steven Spielberg likes, brings together a menagerie of legitimate scientific authorities, reliable journalists and authors, and yes, some nutballs. Some of the theories put forth range from sexcapades between aliens and ancient humans to cooperation between government and alien representatives.

A question that always came to my mind, even as a kid studying history, was how to explain humans going from hunter-gatherers to building pyramids, that we could barely duplicate with today’s technology, with apparently nothing in between! Where is the evidence for advanced civilizations before the Egyptians and Sumerians?

And how do you explain cultures separated by geographic space and time having similar construction styles, including celestial orientation and mathematical precision? This can be seen with the Pyramids of Giza and the Pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico! Graham Hancock, in “Fingerprints of the Gods,” lays out an interesting and compelling explanation for this mystery.

But even more curious to me is: How do you explain Elle MacPherson, Halle Berry, or Kate Beckinsale? Alien DNA? Must be!

Anyway, recently the Navy released videos of military jets chasing a UFO, including the radio chatter between the excited and puzzled pilots indicating that they had no idea what the flying object was. Up until now, this was classified, so why share it with the public now?

And in December 2020, an Israeli General, Haim Eshed, who is the former head of the Israeli Defense Ministry’s Space Directory, stated that there exists an agreement between the US government and aliens to do experiments! What? I’m more than willing to experiment with Elle MacPherson, but otherwise I need to see a legal disclosure!

Is there any merit to these revelations? Is General Eshed bonkers? Maybe. But there have been numerous studies done, and books written, on how publicizing alien contact would affect societies around the world: panic, depression, rioting, and suicide just to name a few responses! These studies recommend a slow and measured release of information much like the dribs and drabs we’re seeing now. The idea is to gain greater acceptance by the public that aliens could be real and that they could be interacting with us.

Is any of this true? Who knows? If not, we humans will plod along into the future, hopefully improving our lot. If so, that is exciting! At least we can be relieved that Stephen Hawking was wrong when he suggested that if there are aliens, they might not be benevolent E.T.s but rather Independence Day killers!

I, for one, welcome our alien overlords, especially Elle, Halle, and Kate!

Check out the Manopod podcast with Melissa Tittl, host of The Cosmic Cantina, for more stuff on aliens and ancient civilizations!

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Larry Pollack
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