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Embracing Spontaneity Is Important In A 50+ Mindset

What Are Some Ways To Recognize And Act On Spontaneity As You Age?

While so much media seems to portray aging as a dreadful journey of slowing down, it’s not true and doesn’t have to feel this way. Embracing spontaneity in all areas of your life can be a great way to keep things exciting — inside AND outside the bedroom. While there may be certain physical or mental hurdles you didn’t face in your 30s, experiencing life in your later years can come with a whole new set of liberties that allow you to live more fully. 

Here Are Some Ideas To Keep Your Lust For Life Alive: 

Treat yourself and a loved one to a little staycation

Staying close to where you live and enjoying your favorite leisurely activities can be an easy way to mix things up and give you a fresh perspective on the place you call home. Bring a friend or partner on a day trip to your favorite fishing spot, walking trail, beach, or picnic area. If you have the flexibility, find a hotel or vacation rental for the night and take advantage of a new environment. Maybe even order some room service and have a special “night in” with your partner. 

Play with your hair

Have you ever wanted to try purple hair? Rock a mustache? Maybe even try something new with the hair “down there”? Changing your hairstyle is an easy and impermanent way to feel a little rush of excitement! If you don’t love it, it’ll grow back. You know what the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is? Two weeks!  Heck, maybe you’ll find a new signature look to sport while you’re out there, living your best life. 

Call your friends or lovers for an impromptu get together

Understandably, planning impromptu hangouts can be more challenging the older we get with family, jobs, or other priorities taking the majority of our time. You may find that your friends or lovers have more flexibility in their schedules than you think. Pick up the phone and see who’s available for a last-minute lunch, hang by the lake, game night, or another favorite activity. Even if it ultimately takes a few weeks to find a date that works for all parties involved, there is an excitement to impromptu planning that can keep you feeling spontaneous.

Try a new hobby

Trying a new hobby can be an exciting way to keep your mind and body active. Have your partner join or do it solo — new hobbies can keep you curious and motivated to get a little experimental in all areas of your life.  

Turn up the heat in the bedroom

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room; s-e-x. Often, the spontaneity between the sheets is the first to go as we age. Physical and emotional changes in your body may prevent you from the same arousal or abilities you experienced in your younger years. This does NOT mean sex can’t be as amazing — if not better — than it once was. As you change, so will the things that work best for you and your partner. Experimenting with things such as toys, new positions, or erotic audio/videos can be a tantalizing way to bring freshness into your sex life. If you struggle with arousal or feel the need for treatment in general, talk to your doctor and shop around online to explore your legitimate pharmaceutical options

The more spontaneity you integrate into your routine, the more excitement you may find throughout your daily life. Embracing aging with curiosity and exploration will keep that youthful fire raging strong. 

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Kelsey Bair
Kelsey Bair
Kelsey Bair is an educational storyteller focused on individual and community wellness. With 10+ years of experience in graphic design and copywriting, Kelsey's informed and engaging approach concentrates on bringing readers a range of themes including sexual health and lifestyle trends.
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