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Gift Giving Guidelines 101 From The Single Sexagenarian

These are the gift giving guidelines I’ve come up with from personal experience, satisfaction and frustration.

What women want

Guys, we all know that men and women think very differently about the same thing(s). You know…”Men are from Mars/Woman are from Venus”.  But, we’re adults and that means, unless you just crawled out from under a rock, you know that certain things are important to women. We know there are things that are important to you as well but, this is not about you. It’s about us and what most women want from you.    

Birthdays, Holidays and Valentine’s Day Oh My!

gift giving guidelines

Valentine’s Day gifts

We have already celebrated Valentine’s Day this year, but let’s start there (it’s the holiday about romantic love, right?). If you’re dating someone, even casually, acknowledge Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to profess undying love and devotion. Simply acknowledge the one you’re with. Get a card, write a note, bring flowers or, for God’s sake, pick a freakin flower. But, DO NOT, under any circumstance ignore it. That’s insulting!  It doesn’t take much time or effort but it means a lot to us.  I’m thinking it’s better safe than sorry to do something than nothing at all. 

Birthday gifts

Then, there’s birthdays. You don’t have to make it into a big deal, however, it is important to acknowledge someone’s special day.  Depending on when you met you can figure out something appropriate but do SOMETHING. Show some effort! Since all of us have access to the internet there are simply no excuses. Send an e-card, buy a token gift on-line, send flowers, or share an experience. We all get one day each year where it’s all about us. If you’re with a woman that you want to spend time with in the future I would highly recommend putting a little effort into making her feel special.

A little goes a long way, fellas

COVID days aside, holidays are times that are typically spent gathering with friends and family. You may not be sure if you’re ready to introduce the person you’re dating to them yet but it’s important to spend time with her as well. So, plan ahead. Whatever it is you decide to do, let the person you’re dating know. Chances are the woman is going to want to hang out with you at some point during the holidays. 

Do the right thing and let her know if/when you’d like to see her so everyone’s clear and expectations are managed. Make sure the conversation is timely and not the night before. Most people don’t want to be alone on the holidays so, if you’re interested in someone, call in advance to make a plan.  

Holidays gifts

Since we’re talking about holidays and special celebrations where gifts are typically given and/or exchanged, here’s a few things to consider: Think about what she would like. Really give it some thought. A little effort goes a long way. Again, you don’t have to go crazy but a gift, a token gift, would be really nice. “They” say that giving is better than receiving so, hopefully watching her open it will make you feel good too. It’s a win-win.  

These are all no brainers but, seems there is a disconnect around the way men and women think about these things (and many others but that’s another article for another day).

Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought and enlightened you for the future so these occasions are spent celebrating instead of fighting. Just do the right thing! I know your Mama raised you right and you know the right thing to do. So, just do it.  It will be worth it. I promise everyone will be happier. Trust me. I haven’t lied to you yet.

Until next time…

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