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How Blackjack Greatly Improved My Relationship And Outlook On Chores

Yes, I Said Blackjack For Chores

Pontoon, twenty-one, blackjack. Yes, I’m talking about the same game played on casino card tables everywhere. The only difference? Our bet has nothing to do with money.

Recently, I was watching a show on Netflix called Gypsy with Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup. While the show itself was… strange, there was one scene that stood out to me. Watts and Crudup play a married couple and after dinner one night, they are trying to figure out who is going to do the dishes. Next, they pull out a deck of cards and deal out a blackjack game on the countertop. They play one hand of blackjack and the loser has to do the dishes.

This may sound silly or petty, but what a quick and fun way to determine who is responsible for the chore that lies ahead.

The Dynamic Of Couples Sharing Household Responsibilities

If you are or have ever cohabitated with a partner/spouse then surely you can understand the frustrations of splitting chores and feeling like you’re always cleaning up after your someone else. There is almost no doubt that you’ve had an argument about this before. If you haven’t, you’re an anomaly and you should write a book about a successful relationship!

In an era where women are filling offices and the workforce everywhere, it’s fair to say that the idea of a “homemaker” has slowly slipped away from us over the years. So with laundry, cooking and cleaning, it’s safe to say that household chores are in abundance and everyone needs a break sometimes.

In a 2020 online publication from Today, a study is mentioned that says on average women do two more hours of housework daily than men. If you’re rolling your eyes because you’re certain this is not your relationship, then maybe just give blackjack a try and see what happens. It’s about fun, not fixing a broken relationship.

May The Luck Be Ever In Your Favor


Do you own a deck of playing cards? With all 52 cards and none missing? (We need a fair game for all) If you need a quick refresh on simple blackjack rules, check this out.

Now it’s go time. The sink is full of dishes? The dishwasher needs to be loaded? The laundry needs to be folded? Trash needs to be taken out? Almost all of the household tasks that no one wants to do are up for grabs.

*Disclaimer: If there is a chore or task that you or your partner simply enjoy (yes, people enjoy certain work), then go for it! No card games needed. Blackjack is a fun solution, but try not to abuse it. For the little things, it’s a good start.

You may even find yourself laughing with disbelief when you lose 3X in a row (this happens, trust me).

It’s About Having Fun

No matter what, remember this approach at maintaining a household is for fun. Before you dive in, feel free to have a few practice rounds.

If you are more of a rummy or go-fish couple, those work too but take a bit longer.

Good luck and I hope this approach helps make the mundane much more exciting!

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Jaime Garza
Jaime Garza
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