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Top 10 Reasons Morning Sex Is The Best

Let’s get one thing straight: sex anytime is a good thing, but morning sex, in my humble opinion, is the best.

My wife is the type of woman who asks: “do you want to put me to bed?” (code for let’s have sex). So we get the kids in bed, and shortly thereafter she heads to bed. I then “tuck her in.” But then I stay up and watch TV until I finally get tired and fall asleep.

Obviously after 20 years of marriage, this is just fine with me because whatever makes her happy, makes me happy. The whole happy wife happy life thing is very real. That being said, my wife and I have recently discovered that sex in the morning has quite a few advantages over sex any other time of the day.

morning sex

Morning Sex Rules Because:

1. You both can’t be “too tired” if you just woke up.

2. You don’t fall asleep afterwards and forget the high you have from making love to your partner. I tend to ride this high for at least an hour afterwards and it really gets me off to a good start for my day, no pun intended.

3. My wife and I like to take a shower together in the morning to start our day, and sex in the shower as opposed to a bed (or the kitchen counter) creates a different mood and atmosphere. You have to mix it up. Plus you save water! Go green!

4. There are way too many hours during the day for either of us to screw up and take sex off the table. 

5. I am usually hungry after sex and feel better having a full meal after morning sex than after bedtime sex. Sex builds an appetite and makes the food much more enjoyable, even if it’s pancakes and eggs.

6. Starting your day with morning sex always means that there’s a chance you can end your day with more sex. The phrase “more is better” couldn’t be more true. The chance of a two-fer when you’re over 50 is something to strive for.

7. Both of you are already in bed and usually you have very few clothes on, so it doesn’t take too much effort to roll over, reach around and get the party started.

8. For those of you who like to do it with the lights on, it’s the perfect way to save electricity. Again, go green is what I always say.

9. If your partner uses the excuse about not enough time, just do what I do! Say “this will only take a minute, sweetheart!”

10. At my age, you have to seize the day. If you have sex in the morning and kick the bucket in the afternoon you’re guaranteed to go out with a bang. 

Remember, get it while you can. ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’.

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