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How To Achieve Life Balance

Do you have a ‘balanced life’? Do you know what a balanced life is or even looks like? Do you even care? Either way, in today’s article, you’re going to discover that you can never have the life of your dreams without balance!

Money – The Perception of a Balanced Life?

As important as it is, few of us have been taught to pursue a ‘balanced life actively.’ In many cases, it’s seen as more of an afterthought. Most of us (especially in Western culture) believe that the secret to success is fame and fortune! And if we can’t have fame, at least ‘fortune’.

Who among us hasn’t, at one point or another, truly believed that nearly all our problems would go away IF we had enough money? Yet, there is ample evidence that money and happiness have little to do with one another. If anything, we have proof of the exact opposite.

I’m not saying that ‘money is the root of all evil,’ but it certainly CAN be ‘the fertilizer.’ It doesn’t take a genius to realize that no matter how much money you have if the other areas in your life are greatly suffering (your health, your relationships, or your emotional well-being), you can still be miserable!

Ultimately, all the money in the world isn’t enough to compensate for having a terminally ill child or any other number of things that can keep us from a truly ‘successful’ life.

The Definition of a Successful Life

So, let’s start with that: What is a ‘successful’ life? 

If we’re aware of others who are both rich and famous but still unhappy (and we are), then clearly, success can’t be about either of these. If we can think of anyone anywhere with an average income with an average career, home, and lifestyle but an above-average degree of happiness and contentment (and we can), then perhaps it’s time to ask ourselves what they know that we don’t.

A ‘successful life’ can mean something different to everyone, but most will agree that it would have to include being happy and fulfilled, having peace of mind and purpose, and believing that we matter. However, a balanced life is the only way to achieve that success. 

Balancing the Ten Areas of Life

If you were to break your life into ten significant areas and rate each category from 0-10 (per your level of fulfillment, such as giving your ‘career’ an eight and your ‘health’ a three), you would discover something remarkable. As it turns out, someone who scores only a ‘five’ but they do so in all ten areas of their life has a far higher quality of life than someone who achieves a level ‘ten’ in five areas but only a level ‘zero’ in the other five. 

Think about it; even if you were a trillionaire (clearly a level ten score in the ‘Financial Security’ category), but your child was just diagnosed with a terminal illness, or your spouse just ran off with someone else, or the plane you were in suddenly began ‘going down’… well, you get the picture. So even with all your money, you would still be unhappy if the other areas in your life were about to ‘crash and burn’.

However, this article isn’t about money; it’s about having balance. Money (Financial Security) is only ONE of ten categories. THIS article is about taking inventory of your life and figuring out ‘where you’re out of balance’ and how to turn it around. 

If you still don’t believe you need a balanced life (if you ever want to experience true success), just look around. Not at people’s glossy Facebook and Instagram posts but at real life or look at ‘The real housewives of Beverly Hills.’ 

If you read between the scripted drama and convoluted scenarios, you would see a REAL group of privileged women who, according to Western values, SHOULD be the happiest people on earth. They appear to ‘have it all’; beauty, wealth, fame, social standing, jewelry, mansions, Ferrari, and so much more, and yet YIKES! I wouldn’t trade places with ANY of them, much less with their HUSBANDS!

Regaining Your Balance

However, here’s the good news: it’s never too late to reset your compass, realign your values, or regain your balance. And it is relatively simple to achieve; just do the following:

First, take the Life Balance Test. I’ve created a FREE app to help you figure out how ‘in’ or ‘out’ of balance your life is, to what degree, and in what areas.

So go to your app store (or click on the QR Code below) and search for Life Balance Test. Once you download the free app, take the test, and follow the instructions. The instructions will send you to my website, telling you how to rebalance your life. 



As such, you don’t have to wait for another moment to at least get started on creating a balanced life. You can start by doing everything in your power to focus on the areas in your life with the lowest scores, even if it means doing so at the expense of the areas with the highest scores. 

Yes, you heard correctly. It is better to allow your score in one area to drop from a ten to an eight if it means raising your score in another from a five to a seven! This is because a life with all sevens and eights is better than a life with all fives and tens. 

It’s a fact, and it’s been proven throughout the world that people with everything in one area and nothing in the others are not successful, at least not the kind of success that brings them what they want. And what is it that YOU ‘really want’? Hopefully, after this article, you will WANT… ‘a balanced life’.

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