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The Power of BELIEF

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” You’ve likely heard this cliché many times before while shrugging it off as ‘just another silly old saying’. However, what if it is true?! I mean, literally true?

What if the only thing separating you from a far more fulfilling life is creating that life first in your mind and then believing it’s possible? In fact, what if the life you currently live (both the negative and the positive) is the direct result of your past and present beliefs? 

This isn’t about ‘conjuring’, ‘the law of attraction’, or any other ‘metaphysical secret’; you still need to do the ‘work’ if you want to create an extraordinary life; it isn’t ‘magic.’ However, common sense tells us that we probably won’t do the work required to build an incredible life or take the necessary risks if we don’t believe anything will come from our efforts or sacrifices. It’s not just common sense; it’s a statistical fact.

We Do What We Believe

By the same token, once we do believe, truly believe, it’s almost certain that we will do whatever it takes to bring our vision into a physical reality. This statement is based on the simple fact that ‘we do what we believe’!

It’s true! Just think about it: you drive a car in the opposite direction of people moving just as fast as you, knowing that if you collide, you and everyone in your car could easily die. Yet, you do it anyhow because you believe no one will veer into the other person’s lane.

You fly on airplanes because you believe they won’t crash. You send your children to school, eat food from the grocery store, and take medications because you believe they are safe.

Belief is so powerful that if you believed that by jumping off the tallest building in the world, you would float gracefully to the ground, land unharmed, and receive as your reward for jumping 100 billion dollars, the cure for cancer, and world peace, no one on earth could stop you from jumping! 

You wouldn’t be jumping because ‘everything you were told was true’ (because in ‘reality’, you would fall like a rock, splat on the ground like a bug on a windshield, and there would be no money, no cure for anything, and no end to war); you would jump because you BELIEVED these things were true!

Belief was behind the first crossing of the Atlantic; it drove the success of every religion; it is what caused a group of men to fly airplanes into the twin towers. It’s what put a man on the moon (and eventually other celestial bodies), it has cured countless diseases, started virtually every war ever waged, and drives nearly every great discovery or invention ever made.

So perhaps it’s time for YOU to begin believing in yourself and your dreams, beginning by looking around for proof that your dreams are possible, for if anyone else has achieved them, then so can YOU!

Once you believe, truly believe, that something is possible, the rest is just details! Once you fully understand the power of belief and its impact on your life, you will never again wish to allow any belief that limits you or causes you pain and suffering to go unchecked or unchallenged!

By changing your beliefs and, when needed, the beliefs of others, you can literally change the world, beginning with the world within your mind. Ultimately, one of the best ways of changing your life is by changing your beliefs.

Imagine the possibilities! What if you could take control of your thoughts and beliefs and, therefore, your ‘reality’ as easily as taking control of your car when driving to a destination? What if, by doing so, you truly could ‘create’ any life experience you desired?

‘Our only limitations are those we accept.’

Perhaps it’s time for YOU to begin harnessing your ‘limitless potential’ by mastering your mind and all that it manifests starting TODAY by challenging every belief that holds you back and looking for proof that it isn’t true!

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Mark Fournier
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