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Welcome To Meeks’ Week: Here’s My Pledge To You

If you’re reading this and you’re a man, something unusual already has occurred, and I’m not ruling out that a woman had something to do with it.

Most habitual readers I know are women. Or it could be that you are a true maverick, a man who actually reads and enjoys it. In 2022, that’s downright renaissance material.

Whatever the motivation, thanks for stopping by. I promise to be brief. Because even if you do read, you don’t have much time for it. 

So here it is: You’ve got great days ahead of you. We want to be a part of it at Manopause.com

Welcome to the inaugural installment of a weekly feature. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Consider this color commentary on the play-by-play of life.

The aim of this column is simple: Strike the themes that hit home for men of a certain age and the people who love them. I’ll still offer up takes on the sports I know and care about, but Meeks’ Week will be more of an anything goes. 

And I mean it. Don’t miss my upcoming column on the wonders of squirrel mating season. 

Yeah, look for plenty of satire. First of all, I can’t help it, but besides that, the modern world offers up plenty of topics worth skewering. I’m not going to get into politics, but I will trot out common sense as needed.

We’re going to stick up for the male viewpoint around here – someone’s gotta do it – but we’re also going to be credible. One of the fundamental goals of Manopause.com is to help men enjoy more meaningful friendships – as in candid communication in all the ways that make men squirm, but women do all the time. Actually, it’s women who are making us squirm, but anyway … 

We know that a lot of our readers are women, who often are catalysts for the men in their lives to open up. We’re not out to make men be just like women, except on certain days I may or may not recall in New Orleans, but picking up a few positive habits in the realm of honest communication will only make our lives better.

And when I say we, you can take that to mean you are invited to become part of this column. I take suggestions and I like meeting interesting people, so don’t be shy about dropping me a line at [email protected]

The secret to life is not to relax, it’s to give your passion the urgent attention it deserves. Today will be gone by tomorrow, regardless of what you do. Life is to be lived. It is also fleeting – if you think about it, what are the odds of all of us even being alive on planet Earth at the same time? This is our chance. 

Hopefully we can connect through this column and meet in real life sometime soon, pandemic be damned.

We don’t believe in endings or retirements. We do believe in evolving to the next phase, in doing what you love with whom you love, in giving back when you can.

This column will celebrate heroes who celebrate every stage of life. On that note, I’ll close with our first honoree, an elderly gentleman named Leo who I met when I was writing a features column 20 years ago in South Florida. Leo, who had retired to Fort Lauderdale from New Jersey, had finally moved into an assisted living center, initially feeling sad that he could no longer live on his own.

Then he found out that women residents outnumbered male residents 8 to 1. Then he found out that the men who could still move well were, well, let’s just say there was no shortage of carrot cake being dropped off at Leo’s place. He was like Sean Connery in a Bond film.

“When I was young, I needed to be handsome or rich or charming,” Leo said. “Now, I just have to walk in the room under my own power.”

See? You live long enough, things don’t always get worse. 

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David Meeks
David Meeks
David Meeks has never hesitated to speak truth to power. He’s uncovered shady coal mine operators in Alabama, corrupt politicians in Louisiana and supported single fathers in Florida. When New Orleans flooded after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Meeks, then Sports Editor of The Times-Picayune, refused an evacuation order. He commandeered a newspaper truck, assembled a team of journalists and won two Pulitzer Prizes. He has worked for the Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and was the Managing Editor of USA Today Sports. He is Alabama-born and Michigan-raised, and today lives with his family in Washington, D.C.
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