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Novak Djokovic Does It Again: Important Life Lessons Part 2: Not Humbled Yet??

Novak Djokovic Is In The News Again

In my first article about life humbling us if we are not paying attention, I talked Novak Djokovic´s incident at the 2020 US Open. To refresh your memory, he was disqualified for hitting a ball onto a lineswoman’s throat. I used this as an example of how even a No.1 in the world has to pay for his mistakes, no matter how important he is to the tennis world or the tournament he was in.

Well, Novak did it again. And this time, with more fanfare.

As you may have seen, last weekend Novak was banned from entering Australia for three years after trying to get into the country with a vaccine exemption status. This was initially okayed by the Australian Open organization, but the government was not consulted prior to his failed trip. The rules for entering the country were clear: you must be vaccinated to be able to get into the country. Period.

Australia’s Vaccine Mandate

Novak Djokovic

Aside from the political, philosophical, or social media bullcrap of getting vaccinated or not, everyone is in their right to opt for what they consider is their best choice. No question about it. However, we need to remember that for any action (or inaction) we will face a reaction. Always. This is the first thing we must be aware of, before deciding what is the best course for our best interest.

If it is our health, then let’s weigh the pros and cons of our decision and make a conscious decision knowing what the consequences are or could be. We must stand our grounds defending our rights. If we change our minds for whatever reason, we are replacing one idea for another and opening ourselves for new possibilities. This applies to everyone, now and forever.

Being Number 1 Comes With Great Responsibility

How is it that we as humans, constantly seek a way to go around the rules believing that we can outsmart them? We believe the rules can be bent or broken. And the more power we experience (fueled by money, fame, status, etc.), it seems that this sense increases exponentially. We can see it in sports, politics, at work…. even in our own homes (disclaimer to the oppressed husbands: please do not take this personally).

And even you, my friend, might be hearing your inner voice whispering sarcastically ‘of course I can’ while reading this. My beloved readers, remember that we all have a little of that No.1 in us (which is actually great if we feel that way), but we must remember that being No.1 comes with great responsibility. For the good and the bad.

How many times will life humble us when we attempt to break the rules? I, or anyone else, cannot know for sure. But the thing that we may remain sure of is that eventually, life will. Once, twice, or whatever times we need in order to understand it for good and live respectfully among our fellow earthlings. And you know it.

So, Novak, they say the third time is the charm. Hopefully, you don´t have to show us that one. Personally, I highly respect you as a pro and as a human, for all that you have achieved in your life. If anything, you have been the victim of your own decision. Own it and keep shining as arguably the best tennis player in history. 

And you, my reader, please follow suit and be aware of your decisions…. or will see you getting crushed in the news or around the neighborhood in the very near future. I am re-reading what I just wrote just to remind myself to follow suit as well. Let the force be with us.

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